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Class signature sets would be cool

TheElderScrolls14 - Class signature sets would be cool

Disclaimer: I mostly play PvE and the following is with that in mind. There could be PvP balance issues I am oblivious to.

Every class, whether mag or stam dps, has a signature move that makes you say "Oh, that's a _____." For DKs it's firey breath or searing strike. For sorcs it's boundless storm/hurricane. For a templar it's jabs or spear shards. For a warden it's shalks. And for a nightblade it's siphoning strikes or grim focus.

I think it would be cool if they added sets that amplified these abilities. They could be a weapon set if they finally make that 2 man trial everyone has been asking for or even a monster mask set. It would be really cool if the final boss's tactics or skills changed based off your party comp, and they would drop this set. I also think it would be a good way to ensure each class has something more to bring to the table (stam sorc or mag warden, for example, don't really have anything to offer the rest of a trial group). Here are a couple ideas that are damage focused that I think would be really cool. They could do the same thing with a healing or tank focus to try to enable classes other than templar, warden, and DK.

Sorc: Buffeting storm – Each enemy damaged by your lightning storm or its morphs receives a stack of Ravaging Winds. After 3 stacks, an ally can activate a synergy, dealing X shock damage to the target and having a Y chance of setting them off balance. This effect can occur once every Z seconds.

(A reliable synergy that stam sorcs can proc on boss for alkosh or simple resource regen from undaunted passive. Gives mag sorcs another chance to set enemies off balance. Not great for solo play though.)

Templar: Vengeful Shards – When an enemy dies within 12 feet of you, you gain a stack of divine retribution. After 3 stacks, your next cast of spear shards costs 50% less stamina or magicka and does an additional X oblivion damage. Casting spear shards in this way will also grant you major brutality and sorcery for Y seconds, increasing your weapon and spell damage by 20%.

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(Templar's, whether mag or stam, already have tons of group utility. This provides a little resource management, a little extra damage, and a much needed class buff. I think the sorcery/brutality should only have max 75% uptime though. Not so great for boss fights with limited adds. Also not so great that healers would choose to run it over Bogdan's, Rkugamz, or Earthgore)

Dragonknight: Lingering Breath – Having Fiery Breath or its morphs slotted grants an additional X% weapon and spell damage. The effects of Fiery Breath last an additional Y seconds and affects enemies in a larger area

(Bigger aoe = more enemies effected by major fracture from the poison morph or extra fire damage from the magicka morph. Add to this the extra slotted damage and the move becomes amazing in large pulls. Slotted damage increase makes it still worthwhile for solo-bosses. Plus, increased duration means additional opportunities for heavy attacks for regen or spammable casts for damage. And a chance to maybe simplify the magdk rotation. But flames of oblivion, eruption, and elemental blockade are the real problem there)

Nightblade: Detonating arrow – when you cast Assasins Will (grim focus bow) the target and enemies within X feet are also hit with an explosion of Y magic damage. In addition, grants caster one stack of empower increasing the damage of your next light attack by 40%.

(Basically like skoria, but you can choose who it hits. Because it requires a little skill with light attack weaving it also grants a little extra bonus)

Warden: Burrowing Shalks – When the shalks erupt from the ground after casting scorch, they leave behind damaging burrows in the ground that do X poison or Y frost damage for 5 seconds, whichever is higher. In addition, a nearby ally can activate a synergy to erupt the burrow, dealing Z damage and inflicting minor maim to affected targets for 5 seconds.

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(Allows wardens to provide a synergy to tanks, and adds a weakened version of elemental blockade to their kit)

I leave a lot of variables in here but really the goal should be to make them about as balanced as a monster/weapon 2 piece set, while giving classes something to be "proud" of and provide some group utility. Anyone else have thoughts?

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