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Clockwork City – Submerged Aqueduct (MASTER) – This is just stupid, right?

TheElderScrolls6 - Clockwork City - Submerged Aqueduct (MASTER) - This is just stupid, right?

I've never seen something so downright stupid and unfair in a videogame in my life. I am expected to beat the AI with this piece of garbage deck? I get no choice in my deck, I have to use the one they provided, and it's completely unsuitable for the mission. The AI puts out tons of creature and completely overwhelms the battlefield, AND has a support that buffs all of its creatures EVERY TURN, and this stupid deck has no way to deal with that support, it is severely lacking in guards to be able to survive the brunt of the AI's attacks every turn, it has basically no life gain, it expects you to combo off of Swindler's Markets, but it's way too slow to get it going given how aggressive the AI's deck is, and there just aren't enough 0-cost cards or ways to get them in this deck. On my best attempt I managed to proc markets like 12 times including having multiple markets on the battlefield, and that kept me going for a few turns longer than usual, but I still wasn't even remotely close to winning. Just when I thought I might stabilize and at the end of my turn he's down to one card left and an empty battlefield, he plays an Alit, breaking one of his runes drawing another card, then plays two of those creature that summons a random animal, and now all of a sudden he's got 5 creatures out of nowhere and it's as good as over. The cards I'm drawing just simply aren't good enough to actually control the battlefield, to clear all of the enemy's aggressive creatures, to prevent damage, to gain enough life to keep it going, etc.

Sorry I'm super on tilt with this mission. It's just such BS. The deck sucks for this matchup, and the enemy has an unfair advantage with its support which I can't remove, and I've tried this for hours and hours of retries and it just doesn't seem possible. It's going to come ENTIRELY down to luck and getting EVERYTHING exactly right in all the luckiest ways, every card draw, every RNG proc, everything will have to be perfectly luckily right for me to win, and it's just so stupid and annoying.

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I CAN'T be the only person who has been just stopped dead in their tracks once they get to this mission and just can't do it, right?


EDIT: I just discovered in a round where I actually managed to swing a few times with my Goblin Skulk's that there are only 4 0-cost cards in the entire deck. 2x Paralyze, and 1 each of Curse and Move in Shadows. What an absolute joke. This deck is absolutely atrocious. I'm thinking I might actually be able to do something on this particular attempt, and I swing to get a 0-cost card to proc my market, only it doesn't draw one, because I've already drawn ALL FOUR (yippee!) that my deck contained.

Then on my subsequent attempt, I did about as well as I feel like it's even possible to do with this deck and I was in a great board position, AI had no cards in hand, and pretty much the only card it could have drawn that would have lost me the game was a Cliff Racer. Of course, that's EXACTLY what it top decked. And the hundreds of retries on this stupid piece of garbage insane mission continues.

EDIT 2: OK, so I've come to find out that Goblin Skulk was at some point nerfed from a 2-cost a 3-cost. There's some chatter on the internet that this mission is impossible since that nerf. It completely wrecked the tempo of the deck, it's way too slow now and there's just no way to get anything going. There's no way to deal with the opponent's support, there's nowhere near enough guards in the deck, nowhere near enough 0-costs or enablers to combo the market strategy, and as a result of that there's nowhere near enough life gain. You either need a faster, more aggressive deck, you need more enablers for market, you need more guards, you need support removal, or you need more life gain, preferably multiples of those things! As it is, this is just ridiculous. I honestly want to know, has anybody beaten this mission since the Skulk nerf? I'm sure it's technically possible, but it's just so ridiculously difficult now that I am losing my freaking sanity trying this same piece of crap mission hundreds of times over and over and over and over, I'm losing my mind!

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