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Closing thoughts on the game after 18 months of playing

TheElderScrolls10 - Closing thoughts on the game after 18 months of playing

Hello all,

This isn't a rage-quit post at all. I have been playing this game since September 2017. I have almost 700 hours invested in it, and I think that in all that time I've spent maybe 20$ on content. That's insane value for money! It is also my single most-played game on steam, and, I think, ever. Overall I'm very grateful to Bethesda, Direwolf and Sparkypants for providing me with so many happy hours over the months. I think I'm quitting not necessarily because I dislike the game so much as I have "finished" it, the same way one might stop playing skyrim after completing the main story. I've reached legend, I've gotten the Centurion title, I've made a full premium deck, I've done basically everything I would have wanted to do in a CCG. And no, this isn't a cry for new content either, I'm not too interested in that either since I think it would mostly be more of the same.

So, if I'm quitting and don't have specific complaints, then why make this post at all? There are a few thoughts that I've always had about the game/community, that I've never really shared. I thought I'd say them here as a sort of farewell

Point 1: The Ring needs to be changed, not nerfed

I don't think the stats lie. Win% without the ring is 51%, which is about as balanced as things could be. At the same time, I agree with those in the community who say that the ring is a huge advantage in aggro-vs-agrro matches. What we must realize however, is that if the Win% with ring in aggro-vs-aggro is >50%, and the overall Win% with ring is <50%, that must mean the Win% with ring outside of aggro-vs-aggro is already much less than 50%. Nerfing the ring further (by giving it less charges, adding cooldowns between charges, or even just making better 1-drops) would make this problem even worse. What the ring needs is to become slightly less good in aggro-vs-aggro, and slightly better in control-vs-control. I'm not sure exactly on the way to do that, though. I know in control vs control drawing an extra card is way more useful than having one more point of mana, but I don't play aggro-vs-aggro enough to know how much that would matter there. Still, the point remains that the ring needs to be fundamentally changed, and not made strictly better or worse.

Point 2: The houses aren't a problem in and of themselves, but they exacerbate one of the existing problems of the game

And that problem is inconsistency. Look, I've already said how much I love this game, but there is one thing that has always annoyed me from the start up until now: Too many cards in a deck, too few cards drawn per round. Even as a beginner it was sad to add an awesome new epic card to a deck and then realize I won't even draw it in most games. I recently tried Gwent again and overall I think it is an inferior game to TESL and less fun to play, but I LOVED the consistency of decks there. You usually draw the majority of your deck in most games, and I loved that! It's nice for new and casual players to know you'll be able to use all your cards, and for more experienced players it makes the whole game so much more skill-intensive: It helps you know what to play around. It helps you know what to expect to draw next. It makes your deckbuilding more important since you'll draw most of your cards. That also makes it easier to theorycraft and test new decks. I love that and I wish we could have 30 or less card decks in TESL, or a way to draw more, though that would probably heavily unbalance the game. But I wouldn't mind a new expansion focused on more ways to draw more cards or introducing smaller decks with some extra restrictions.


Some smaller scattered points:

– I like this community, honestly! I remember someone posting a video after the Mantikora nerf about how "Down here, salt is a way of life." "Obviously the environment down here is all salt. The ceiling is salt, the floor is salt, the walls are salt, and to an extent the air is salt. And you breathe that in, and you constantly taste the salt." I think that is true a lot of the time. We can be an extremely hard to please bunch. But overall it's a friendly place to newcomers and there's lots of interesting reasoned discussion.

– I still prefer the look of the old client. But there is only one change that really bothered me: The removal of card borders. It made old premiums which had bad animations feel so much less special as their shiny border was removed. I had been working before the client change on making my mono-neutral deck all premium and was about halfway through and very proud of the result, but after the change I don't like the look of it that much 🙁

– I have no idea what happened to the "One voiceline per card" issue that was being discussed a while ago. I think the dev team said they'd look into it? It may have been fixed already. If not, I'd like to add my voice to those saying that each card should only have one summon voiceline at most. Multiple attack voicelines are okay, but one summon voiceline helps a lot with building card identity.

– Other card games I've tried and found inferior to Legends: Faeria, amazing aesthetic, but a bit too slow paced and too hard to build an interesting deck at first for me. Eternal, loved the mechanics but the aesthetic and theme put me off too much. And finally Gwent, probably the second best. I love the witcher universe and it has stunning premiums and I love that you can draw such a large part of your deck each game, but it's just not as fun overall.

– Some thanks to my personal community heroes: CVH, the first youtuber I watched and still one of the best. He taught me a lot of what I know, and his card review videos made for lots of fun and informative watching. Hiking Emeric, their videos made me laugh harder than I had in months. Always so on point! SparkyDeckard, for always having a positive attitude in spite of everything and the amazing community communication. And finally Silverfuse, who I keep watching despite having lost interest in actually playing the game. Since I stopped being "serious" about the game a long time ago, it was hard for me to find interesting gameplay videos to watch since most of the time I didn't really understand what was going on or why someone was winning or losing. I love how she explains all her plays so thoroughly and I can imagine it would have been so helpful to me to have someone like that to watch when I was still starting out

Anyway, that is all. I am done with the game for now, but I'll probably hang around the sub for a while more. It's been too long, this place feels like home.

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