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Community advice needed to tweak my revived Market Archer deck

TheElderScrolls13 - Community advice needed to tweak my revived Market Archer deck

Here’s the deck code: SPAEccbkqcpXACaNnXAOfAgsoFhldhdQpZcvjylzkjqykVsp

So with the new {{Murkwater Scourge}} card that was March’s monthly reward card, it’s given new life to this Market Archer deck I’ve been using – I replaced three copies of {{Murkwater Shaman}} with it. However, I’m finding I’m having increasing trouble with decks that rely on support cards as part of their win condition. My deck has never had any tool that destroys enemy supports and this hasn’t been a problem until now, where it accounts for at least two thirds of my losses. Here’s my thought process:

  • The best Archer card I’ve identified to deal with enemy supports is {{Dushnikh Yal Archer}} which has an available ping as a bonus. I haven’t decided yet how many of these I want to run.
  • I prefer to keep my deck at 50 cards (but not strictly opposed to doing 51 or 52, despite being aware of the math involved) so an equal number of cards have to come out. It feels like {{Nimble Ally}} is the best option because by adding red cards, I’m reducing the reliability of Nimble Ally anyway (currently, it activates on 46 of 50 cards, or 92% of the time). Plus, the cards are similar in magicka (3 and 4) it doesn’t alter the curve too much.
  • With fewer (or perhaps no) Nimble Ally, {{Archer’s Gambit}}, of which I run 2, becomes much less useful. Essentially, my deck as is has a balance between the lethal + Gambit combo and the Curse + Leaflurker combo, which I feel is destroyed by removing Nimble Ally and adding Dushnikh Yal Archer in its place.
  • I don’t necessarily mind this change in balance, but I need help determining which combo is better in the current meta. I’m concerned that trying to do both after removing some or all copies of Nimble Ally will be trying to do too much.


Do I remove the lethal component of the deck {{Astrid}}, the Gambits and {{Fighter’s Guild Recruit}} which deprives me of some additional 0-cost cards in the form of completed contracts? And add things like {{Finish Off}} and {{Falinesti Reaver}}?

Do I remove some ping cards which I have a lot of through the {{Goblin Skulk}} with the {{Curse}} package, but only three {{Leaflurker}}? And replace them with lethal cards like a third Gambit or {{Allena Benoch}} to restore that balance?

Do I remove the Goblin Skulk + Curse package altogether since I already have reliable access to 5 or 6 Curses through the Murkwater Scourge? And add lethal cards to restore balance?

I love deck building, but this decision’s got me in a bind; help me choose!

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