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Comparing the leveling system of Skyrim and Fallout 4

TheElderScrolls3 - Comparing the leveling system of Skyrim and Fallout 4

I really don't care much for the Fallout games, never could really get into them like I did with the Elder Scrolls, but I do think the way experience works in Fallout is much better.

In Fallout, you gain xp from killing enemies and completing quests. In Skyrim, you gain xp by leveling your skills by using them. The problem with Skyrim's system is that it gives no incentive to actually complete quests, unless there is some sort of reward for doing so and majority of quests offer a very small amount of gold. Compare this to Fallout that gives you both caps and xp.

Another issue is that if you want to level up a skill in Skyrim you have to keep using that skill. This is fine for the most part; if you are playing a warrior and use a greatsword a lot then you are going to increase your two handed skill by just playing the game, which is good. However this falls apart when it comes to the crafting skills, enchanting, smithing, and alchemy.

The amount of times you actual use these skills vs the amount needed to fully level them doesn't make sense. Take a look at smithing. It consumes resources to improve and create gear. After you improve it as much as you can, you have to level your smithing up more in order to make better stuff. But even then the increases are so minimal that is not worth spending your resources to be consumed for such a small return. So realistically, you're going to be forging not very often and barely leveling your skills. So if you want to actually become a master blacksmith, you have to just spam craft useless items that you will never use which is such a boring grindfest. In Fallout at least you could make something, go do some quests and actually play the game, level up and get better perks, then come back and smith again. No grinding needed.


The last thing which I think is the biggest factor is that in Fallout 4 you can get any perk in any order as long as you meet the SPECIAL requirement (and level requirement for making the perks better). In Skyrim you must go through a linear path of perks that you may not even want in order to get something.

Suppose I want to play a pure mage. Magic is very low starting off so every level I'm pumping points into Magicka. I'm leveling up my destruction from dealing damage and restoration from healing but I'm dying too much. I really want to get the mage armor perks so I can survive. Problem with this is that you can only increase alteration skill by using alteration spells. Most battles I run out of Magicka just simply from casting spells to damage enemies and the lowest flesh spell you can get will consume pretty much your entire Magicka bar. If this was more like Fallout then you could gain xp and bump up your alteration skill and then skip over unnecessary perks and get the cost reduction and flesh perks you want. Now you can actually play the way you want to without having to jump through hoops.

Anyways these are just my thoughts. Agree? Disagree?

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