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TheElderScrolls15 - Complaint at/to the community

Right, this is a long post, and yes its a rant, but please read it all before commenting because I'm not just being salty, I'm looking for change from a community i once loved. so, this week I've been running the same dungeons back to back to back, and I've learnt a couple things;

Firstly, if you have a go at someone because they are dying, or because they are getting killed by the same mechanic AND YOU DO NOT EXPLAIN TO THEM HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT MECHANIC… YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COMMUNITY, not everyone plays this game like its keeping them alive, not everyone knows every encounter, not everyone herms the crap out of the game, instead of swearing at them and calling noob or any other of te most vile things I've seen on my gajillion runs, why not take literally 2 mins and explain where they are going wrong, why they keep dying, what lesser known mechanics to look out for, ask them if they've eaten food or if their armor needs repairing.

Secondly, and somewhat related, but if you vote to kick someone, because they didn't insta kill a f-ing boss their first try youre a douchebag, and i dont even know if you can say that on this sub, but i dont care, im lucky enough to love gaming to the point that it is my hobby, it is what i spend all my time doing, im lucky enough to know how to build my character and how to put my game development knowledge and degree to use on boss mechanics and how to overcome them, but not everyone is me, not everyone knows everything. THESE PEOPLE STILL WANT TO HAVE FUN, they still want to run the same dungeons as you and me, they still want to see whats new and be involved in every beautiful corner of our ESO world, and they may not be the best, but they defiantly never will be if you don't give them chance to improve.

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Third and finally and also pretty much the same complaint, but if you queue for a dungeon, and then 20 steps in leave, YOU ARE ALSO A DOUCHEBAG, excluding only the rare cases where people genuinly cant play for whatever reason and its out of their hands. Some people, including myself, run specific dungeon, very unpopular dungeons, we have to queue for what is sometimes 20 minutes, and then we use xp buffs and other time related things because want the best from our experience, and you leaving because you don't like the look of someones character, or their level isn't 810 so they aren't good enough for you, or some other absoulutly stupid reason THEN YOU ARE NOT A REAL GAMER. Gamers to me, real true to the bone hardcore mofoing gamers, are the people who see a challenging situation in a game, and do everything and anything they can to overcome it, i don't know how half of you people call others noobs, when you wouldn't have survived level one on classics like ratchet and clank and jax 2.

I know this seems like an angry rant form "some noob" but I'm absolutely sick of how the gaming community treats others, its genuinely disgusting and it needs to change, the gaming community used to be united, we used to help each other overcome the difficult and stressful situations, we used to celebrate each others wins and learn when we were beaten down, now its all tears and screaming and the first person who makes a mistake.

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