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Confused noob player questions

TheElderScrolls3 - Confused noob player questions

Hello, i have recently purchased game. I am type of player who likes progression. Character, gear progression. So far, i feel like eso totally miss this. I played gw2 for seven years and eventhough gw2 Is considerer as total game for casuals with minimal grind, i feel like gw2 has much more to offer. I was crafting gear as i was leveling in gw2. I ve done it even in eso as i was questing. I did not feel any difference. Like totally nothing changed. And that sucks. I dont like how scaling works because it obviously kills any gear progression. I feel usually no difference when you level up. I am afraid of end game. I feel that this game might not be good for me. For me is progression really important aspect. And the only progression IT seems to be in eso is CP And thats it. Am i right? So i am asking you 1.)if this gets better. 2.)If endgame has any feeling of progression 3.) if Is IT even worthy crafting anything until 160cp (IT seems not). 4.) I feel like chapters does not add a lot to the game. Only Story usually and class. Am i right? I would expect totally new mechanics or something more valuable for mmorpg. 5.) I know end game Is only trials and PVP. What i was missing in gw2 raids is feeling of getting something good from raids. Because you usually get almost nothing i stopped playing them because i did not have any Motivation to carry on. Is it different in eso (trials)? What Is the point of doing trials if you have all possible gear then? I dont find it Fun to repeat one trial for 100 times because there Is nothing more what can be done. 6.) I still dont understand how auction works in eso. You need to join the guild and then you can sell your things only to people who are members of that guild? I tried to join some guilds, i was refused because i would not make a lot of money or what… How can a noob like me join functional trading guild? 7.) I am totally confused about dlcs. I cannot afford pay monthly sub only rarely. So i want to ask you. Which dlcs Are must have as far as meta gear is concerned? I know about orsinium for maelstrom weapons. I need gear for stamina PVP DK, stamina DPS DK/Templar, healer templar.


I am level 45 (templar magicka dmg in open world, healer in dungeons). And i am really thinking whether i should carry on with the game or no. It might not be for me. I dont want to invest time and money to game which cannot fullfill my mmorpg needs. Please dont take it as offense. I understand ppl like the game And that eso is between 4 best mmorpgs in the world. But everyone has different tastes. 🙂

Thank you very much for you help and have a nice day. 🙂

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