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Conjuration should be banned in TES:6

TheElderScrolls3 - Conjuration should be banned in TES:6

Before you go for your pitchforks, i'm not saying that the player character should be unable to practice conjuration- or necromancy, for that matter. The spellset for both should be extended if anything. However, from the point of view of the legal system in TES:6, the Empire and Hammerfell should pass laws against the conjuration school of magic. This wouldnt necessarily be enforced across the whole province, though. Heres how I imagine it;

Now, any tes:6 talk is always going to be speculation , but lets imagine that there are four regional powers that hold territory in the province of Hammerfell, and that TES:6 is set there. We have territories held by the independent Redguards. Redguards hate necromancy, and have similar feelings towards conjuration and even illusion. The idea that you could resurrect their dead and not pay the price for your desecration is deeply unlikely. Now, following the Tamriel-wide Daedric invasion of Mehrunes Dagon its reasonable to assume that consorting with Daedra is similarly despised by the Redguards, especially as a people that barely tolerated it to begin with.

Another portion of the territory may be held by the Empire, either directly or by proxy. Now, necromancy is already outlawed by the Imperial mages guild, and after Mannimarcos assault against the guild brought death and destruction across the Imperial province its would be reasonable to assume that the guild would put pressure on the Empire to pass a law to criminalise the practice outright. We can say this wasnt enforced during TES:5 because the provinces have a reasonable degree of autonomy, plus it was in the midst of a civil war, but as a product of the Stormcloak rebellion the Empire now tries to take a more strict and axiomatic approach to Imperial law in the provinces. This would likely be approved of by any Redguard proxies that the Empire has in Hammerfell.

Again, in the aftermath of a Daedric invasion that slew the Emperor, his heirs and countless Imperial citizens, it would make sense that the Empire would become similarly soured to the school of conjuration. This may not mean an outright ban, but it could mean that only mages approved of by the Imperial Mages Guild would be granted a license to study and perform conjuration. This would have to be obtained by the player, or else risk prosecution in Imperial territory.

The third power to mention is Orsinium. Now, the God of the Orcs is a Daedra, and even amongst the Daedra he is often seen as "one of the bad ones", with even the Daedra worshipping Dunmer relegating him to their House of Troubles. The Orcs will probably be sympathetic to those who traffic in conjuration. They may not look as kindly on the practice of necromancy though, as their perception of honour would most likely run contrary to enslaving the corpses of fallen warriors.


The final regional power in Hammerfell would be the Thalmor. As an Altmeri organisation that views itself above the likes of superstitious, weak willed mankind and with a veneration for the powers of magic, they would not hold any restrictions against either conjuration or necromancy. Players could practice both with impunity, though that doesnt mean that certain individuals wont take offense.

What this all alludes to is one of my big hopes for TES:6- a variable legal system. Not every region should be bound by the same laws. It seemed a bit strange in Skyrim that Stormcloak and Imperial law were identical, although at least crimes were tied directly to the regional jurisdictions unlike in Oblivion. The next natural step would be different laws, which in a contested Kingdom split between various state entities would only make sense. It would also make playing as a mage more interesting, as factional choices may grant benefits or drawbacks outside of guild affiliations. It could spice up the other builds too- say in Orcish territory Might is Right, and what you take you can keep, should the old owner choose not to challenge you over it. Good for brute warriors. Imperial proxies may have a greyer legal system as the Empire works in the shadows to protect its secretive agents from prosecution, making it a great place for stealthy characters.

With that in mind, competing guilds would be a great idea. An imperial mages guild and an Aldmeri one. The DB and the Morag Tong. The Imperial thieves and the pirates of Stros M'kai. The imperial fighters guild and a local organisation, "sons of swordsong" or something. You could have a single assassins/mages/thieves/fighters questline that can be completed from either side, as suits your rp.

The final point associated to this is that NPCs should have personal "red flags". Just because conjuration is legal in an area, doesnt mean that a certain NPC that despises it wont try to gank you. Wearing Aldmeri armour into a Redguard town may not be a crime, but it is a recipe for disaster. Some people may report you for crimes, others applaud you, while some cut out the middleman, along with your entrails. This was the promise of Oblivions AI, which was largely abandoned by Skyrim.

Anyway, thats my two cents. Thanks for reading!

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