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Conscription nerf; why is it irrelevent?

TheElderScrolls4 - Conscription nerf; why is it irrelevent?

No intro this time, I will jump right on why the nerf is completely irrelevent.

I will start off by saying that in an earlier post last month, I developped in depth about why Conscription is a problem, by providing the problem, and a way to fix the problem. If you want the tl;dr version, I explained that when Conscription was printed, Tri-Color didn't exist; while its value generation didn't change, back then it was balanced by inconsistencies, if you want to run so many 2 drops in a 50 card deck, you will have to make sacrifices in the mid and late game, which would then make you weaker at certain stages of the game. These sacrifices you make would get rewarded in the late game. In Tri-Color however you have no sacrifices to make as you would already normally run that many 2 drops and you have no need to cut mid to late game threats to run such a high value generator such as Conscription. If you want to read the whole thread, you can do so by clicking here:

With that said, we made some significant progress, we succesfully identified that the problem with Conscription is the balance between consistency and value generation being broken.

How do we solve this problem? Well I also suggested some ideas in my earlier post; restrict it to one lane and adjust the cost, make it a Unique (while it would still generate the same amount of value, you can't just win by chaining them). Another idea that I didn't suggest is to limit it to dual color classes by using a restricting text such as the Singleton cards: "If you started the game with 2 colors or less, summon one of each creature from your deck that costs 2 or less". All of these suggestions adresses the problem that is either the value generation or the consistency to value generation balance.

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What did Sparky do? They increased the cost to 12. Why is it irrelevent? Because it doesn't address the problem; the problem isn't its magicka cost, the problem is the value it generates, and the balance between consistency and value being broken. My point being, it doesn't matter how you nerf Conscription, it will still be a broken card if your solution doesn't adress the problem. Does making it a Telvanni card solves the problem? Nope. What about adding the restriction: "You can only play 1 Conscription per turn?" Won't solve the problem either. Now that the patch is live, ladder will continue to see just about as many Conscription decks.

With all of that said what is my message? Well ideally I would say: "nerf Conscription in a different way", but that will most likely never happen, just like Mantikora will never get back his Guard keyword; that would be the same as admitting they didn't know what they were doing when they nerfed the card. So my message to Sparky is pretty much all over this thread; when you have a problematic card, identify what is the problem with that card and once you do, find a solution that adresses that problem, this way future balance changes will be more accurate and impactful!

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