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Considering buying ESO

TheElderScrolls13 - Considering buying ESO

Hey guys. So I’m currently looking for an MMO to play since I just got a new graphics card.

Normally I’d resub to wow to scratch that itch but I hear BFA isn’t doing too hot in the fun department so I’ve been looking into eso since I’ve throughly enjoyed the Elder Scrolls series.

My question is mainly this: I mainly heal in mmos as I find support roles very fun. The two things I’m unsure on are the class system and the action combat.

I hear that in eso any class can fill any role through items and skills but some can perform in niches better than others: despite this do classes still generally feel distinct? My concern is that the separation between a Templar healer and a warden might be one or two skills with the rest being restoration staff skillls that anyone can have. Does this ever feel like an issue or does class identity still feel fulfilling?


Secondly, I’ve only ever played tab targeting mmos, the action combat of eso looks interesting but intimidating. In watching videos of dungeons and group content (what I’m most interested in) I don’t know how people are keeping up with everything. It looks like chaos with little to no organization or planning to pulls. From my naive outside view it seems like you just run in and kill things without concern for mechanics, I don’t understand how people are aiming abilities with so much going on-on screen. Does this system feel more engaging than tab targeting? Is there depth to the combat that rewards skill or attention to detail?

Overall I’m really intrigued by the game, and I heard somewhere that if you take the time to get good gear it doesn’t become obsolete the second new content comes out- I LOVE that.

I’m not much of a pvp guy so if I join I’d mostly be doing solo content until I got to a point where I can comfortably do group instances which is what I really enjoy. I like supporting teams to victory and being the unsung hero if you will.

Overall do you guys recommend eso in its current state?

I hope some of you take the time to give me your experience with the game and with the two main issues I’m basing a lot of my Decision on!

Thanks everyone!

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