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Controller Class – Illusion, Bard and Telekinesis

With Necromancy being added Conjuration magic has had a boost in total numbers of spells which now a bit less than Destruction and Restoration Magic. Alteration Magic is sprinkled into pretty much most classes. I now think Illusion should get more representation as Nightblade only represents it slightly as well.

I also find it weird that Alteration Telekinesis magic isn’t a Class ability yet either. I know it wasn’t exactly brilliant spell in Skyrim but they can add so much more.

So for my idea by Mixing some Illusion, Alteration Telekinesis and Illusional style Bard Magic seems like a solid choice.

Also with some attacks being Music orientated you can actually think of putting some STAMINA HEALING in the Minstrel section so you can use a bow and arrow as you main weapon with some healing abilities.

I tried to balance round PvP and PvE

MAESTRO – Damage and Telekinesis

· ULT – Berserker Rage – Cast illusional rage on yourself and Infuse your weapons with telekinetic power enabling you with Major Berserk and 5% increased critical hit ratio for a while.

· Telekinetic Bolt – Hit an enemy with a strong telekinetic energy bolt in front of you stunning them for 3 seconds.

· Frenzy – Severely crush your enemies mind causing high damage and lowering their physical and spell resistance rating.

· Clone Phase – Create a clone decoy of yourself and phase (invisible) for 1.75 seconds. The Clone will explode with kinetic forces when you re-appear causing some small damage. You cannot attack while Phasing.

· Mimicry – Copy an Allies or Enemy players slotted skill at random to use 10 times – Hold to remove or change the skill with another. In PvE adventuring run within a few metres of someone running past and get a skill off them. Solo Dungeon choose a different Skill if you haven’t got one Mimicked.

· Telekinetic Blast – Conjurers a telekinetic sound wave that will explode in a cone in front of you harming multiple enemies and may cause knockdown. Good timing will reflect projectiles away.

MIRAGE – Tanking

· ULT – Horrify – Severely effect the minds of all nearby enemies, they lock up in total fear unable to move for 4 seconds and take damage over time.

· Decoy – Creates an illusion clone pet of yourself that attacks an enemy with a sword, in PvE your decoy will taunt the enemy into attacking it till it is destroyed or the timer runs out.


· Rally – Boost yours and nearby allies emotional courage giving Yourself and your allies Major Ward and Resolve.

· Shimmering Armour – Gives you and an ally an illusional shield that grants a small Health Shield.

· Hallucination Gas – Effects an area with illusion magical gas, enemies suffer from hallucinations that hurts their minds which cause them to take Damage over time and Slows nearby enemies by 30% if they are in the gas. Synergy ignites the gas causing burst fire damage to nearby enemies.

· Telekinetic Absorb – Converts your block into a telekinesis barrier so your blocks don’t use stamina for a while for 5 seconds, you will fire back a single target projectile for every projectile you have absorbed at an enemy.

MINSTREL – Healing and Utility with illusionary magical songs and instruments

### All Skills under this tab will have a Stamina Morph ###

· ULT – Sermon of Silence – Attack nearby enemies memory lobe in their mind slightly dealing some damage and making them unable to remember how to use a slotted Class or Weapon Skill for a few seconds. They can still block, Use Ults, dodge and use light and heavy attacks to defend themselves. PvE enemies will just do normal attacks.

· March of Morale – Boost morale of you and an ally or 2 other allies if their health is lower with a song of courage and honor burst healing them. (Works like the Templar Non Target Heal but less powerful)

· Poem of Power – Poems of Victory and glory gives you and an ally a small Health Regeneration and grants minor Berserk, ward and resolve (Like Combat Prayer) for 8 seconds. Works like how Mutagen would spam twice on a 4 man dungeon for everyone to have the buffs)

· Combat Chant – Spur on your ALLIES, Slightly Increasing the attack speed of ALLIES light and heavy attacks. (Does not effect yourself)

· Hymn of Haste – Movement speed slightly increased and Sprinting doesn’t cost as much Stamina for you and nearby allies for a brief moment

· Whisper of the Wisps – Plays a tune summoning a spectral illusion that saps enemies Stamina and Mana and restores allies Mana and Stamina who are near the wisp. Synergy damages enemies health and allies absorbs the wisps essence healing them but destroys the wisp.

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