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Crazy Daggerfall Quest

TheElderScrolls3 - Crazy Daggerfall Quest

So, I played through this awhile ago and I just couldn't get it out of my head; I thought I would share it here because someone might find it as funny as I did.

Backstory: My character is a member of the Order of Arkay, and lives in Sentinel where it is the state religon.

I complete quests for my various orders in a rotation so I don't lose reputation. It came time for the temple quest and I got assigned to ask about the background of a person (by asking NPCs in her hometown) claiming to have had visons of Arkay in Sentinel telling her the old Order of Arkay knew nothing about him and weren't serving him correctly; while another character investigated her at her current position of Sentinel. The quest giver followed up this assignment by giving me a contact, which was strange given that I was to just ask about her, but I assumed that I was to meet with him after I got what I was looking for. Well, none of the NPCs would talk to me about her and when I went to meet with the guy he told me that "She wasn't even here", like he was surprised she wasn't there… even though she was supposed to be in Sentinel. He gave me her current location but the assignment to check up on a wealthy merchant who had a relationship with her. I talk to the merchant and he has no idea what I'm talking about. I then go to the heretic and she says to stop bothering her because she's under the protection of the Queen of Sentinel. This could have meant she was under the protection of the law like every citizen or she was personally protected by the Queen. Not knowing what else to do I traveled to Sentinel to speak her.


When I arrive I get a letter telling me that the person investigating the heretic at Sentinel has gone missing and that I need to find her in "Sentinel". Sentinel is a big place obviously, and the letter didn't really give any clues as to where to start, so I decided to speak to the Queen because if she was involved with the heretic in some way she might be involved in the disappearance. The Queen wanted to give me a quest, so speaking to her wasn't the answer, so I left the palace at a dead-end. But as I left I noticed the name of the castle was "Sentinel", which meant the letter could be referring to the castle specifically and not the city, that combined with the Queen reference by the heretic and the desire not to the search the city up and down for the agent led me to the decision of searching the castle.

After several in-game days in the castle dungeons I found the finger of the agent, that my character noticed had been skinned in a ritualistic way. So, not only was the Queen protecting the heretic; this splinter group of Arkay had replaced the old Order in the eyes of the state, and the current Order was ritualistically killing members of the old order in their palace. This story was starting to get interesting.

I return to the quest giver with the finger and he offers me congratulations, telling me that the world is a much better place without her lies spreading…

I like to think that he was just in denial due to the sheer hopelessness of the situation, and that the next time I visited the temple all of the staff had been "replaced" or converted to the new order.

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