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Crown Crate QOL change. Let us extract gems from collectibles (poll from TESO forums).

TheElderScrolls15 - Crown Crate QOL change. Let us extract gems from collectibles (poll from TESO forums).

First of all, sorry if this has already been proposed. I just wanted to get this idea out there.

Many people feel bummed when they get a collectible in their Crown crates, becasue a lot of the time it's not what they were looking for, and sometimes they may not even like it. I for example, got a bunch of daedric pets in the Psijic Crates and even a Psijic Senche, and I'm not lieing when I say I'd much rather have received 10 gems instead of everything, because I've never used any of them.

Well, there are ways ZOS can make collectibles not go directly to your account. I mean, there's one way to do this in the game already! Runeboxes allow players to trade collectibles like the Jelly Netch in Murkmire or the new Gladiator costume. Would making Crown Crate collectibles drop as runeboxes be difficult to implement? I of course mean Account Bound runeboxes that can't be traded with other characters. Golden collectibles that cost 100 gems could yield 33 gems (Like Golden furnishings), and Apex mounts yield around 120 (the rate is 30% as far as I know, but I've never seen someone get two Apex mounts). Radiant Apex mounts could yield 400 gems, like the shiny Sweetroll.


Furthermore, something similar could be implemented to the Crown Store itself. There could be an option that let's us buy items as Runeboxes that can be traded with other players. This would prevent all Crown trading scams. If this were to happen, ZOS could add a "refund" tab in the store that lets you turn a Runebox you've bought back into crowns, just for cases where a buyer trolled Crown Sellers.

What are your thoughts on these suggestions? Most (if not all) of the people I've talked to agreed that Crown Crates were an anti-consumer practice. If ZOS doesn't want to remove them, at least make them a bit more consumer-friendly.

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(I was going to make this a discussion but I think a poll could be more useful)

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Link to strawpoll, for people who don't (and do) have a forum account.

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