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Current Thoughts on TES Travels: Shadowkey

TheElderScrolls4 - Current Thoughts on TES Travels: Shadowkey

I posted a bit ago on how I finally acquired The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, though at the time I didn't have an N-gage. While, I ordered and retrieved one (the QD version), though I also needed to wait some extra days to get another SIM card, as the only one I had didn't work. I though I'd give some thoughts on the game I've played thus far if anyone was interested.

The character I started with was a Khajit Assassin (the game has nine classes and eight races), and I'm currently around level 8 or so. The game doesn't have any skill system, just the normal attributes that are in every single TES game *coughExceptSkyrimcough*

One thing I like is the zone sizes are kind of amazing. The map sizes for each of these areas is rather impressive, actually, with a nice variation of open areas of fields, hills, and semi-mountains to very enclosed dungeons, for lack of a better work, with many a room. There's also an extremely odd 'fast-travel' system that helps you get around faster once you clear an area, so that's useful (basically, when you look at your map, you can move the arrow around the place, which also moves your character).

The game started out kind of linear, with some side missions sprinkled in (and these side missions, for the most part, tend to be fetch quests… so basically Skyrim), but once you do the first two or so main missions, the game does the normal TES thing and becomes open world (with the amazingly vague quest basically telling you to find five items, and are told where two of them might be). It threw me off at first, because in some ways it's an easy way out of telling parts of a story, but I kind of love it now.


The controls are rather intuitive once you play for ten minutes or so, with a very nice system where you can equip multiple weapons and potion/potion equivalents in each hand and cycle through them without needing to go to the menu (which is, admittedly, rather clunky to use). Another negative is that, often enough to be noticeable, there's pretty bad frame-rate drops that brings the game to a standstill for around eight seconds or so. Another complaint: the screen is just too small. It's perfectly passable, and I'm able to play, but it's just too small.

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I'm around zone four or so (out or 20ish according to the UESP), currently not having found a single of the five items the main quest wants me to, and have spent around four to five hours in game, so it's not some short thing one can finish in a couple hours, like the other TES Travels games are.

Basically, for what it is, I kinda love this addition to the TES series, and much like how I'm disappointed we never saw another Adventures spin-off (man, what I would give to play a 1999 Eye of Argonia game…), I'd have love if they did another game like this one. Ha, if for no other reason than it'd be another game I could get for the system, because besides this and the two X-Men Legends ports, I can't say it has a lot to offer. My ending thought is that if you ever have the time and/or money, hunt it down, it's not even close to half bad.

Sorry for the ramble-ly nature of this post, hopefully some find my thoughts interesting. Cheers, all.

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