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Daily Daedric Prince Card- Day 1 “Malacath”

TheElderScrolls13 - Daily Daedric Prince Card- Day 1 “Malacath”

I’ve been brainstorming cards for the various Daedric Princes for a while and I think I have some decent ideas that I really really want to share with the community. However, I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to work with the card template to give a visual. So, much to my dismay, I’m resorting to posting my idea, sans artwork/visual card. For those of you that this interests, I will do one of these a day, which will add to 16 days for the 16 princes. So, without further ado, here is my first card idea.





Warrior, Daedra+God, Unique Legendary

7 cost, 5/4, Breakthrough

Summon: Give all friendly Orcs +2/+2 and breakthrough.

Summoning Voiceline “Only the strong deserve to live!” Attacking Voiceline “You are weak!”





Malacath was a card that bounced around a lot in my head. (It’s hard to think of an appropriate card for your least favorite prince.) I knew I wanted to make an Orc card given Malacath’s strong connection to Orcs in the lore. I know this card seems a little generic given it’s similarities to Shadowgleam Elder and Skeletal Warrior. However, I had a really hard time thinking of a way to buff Orcs in a way appropriate to a Unique Legendary with being absolutely bonkers, so in the end, I decided to follow the two aforementioned cards as guides to “Tribal Buff” cards. I added the addition of adding Breakthrough to friendly Orcs to even out the fact that Shadowgleam and Skeletal Warrior are epics while this is unique legendary. Overall, I think, as with most Orc oriented cards, this would be an auto include in Orc decks but see little to no play in any other archetype. I personally feel Malacath is a pretty balanced card that also fits with his lore pretty well.

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