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I'm sure this is common knowledge to a lot of people but for those having a hard time leveling up Dark Brotherhood Guild, I was hoping I could help some people by creating a list of contracts you get from Elam Drals that give 10 points instead of just 5. The great thing is that you can do as many a day as you want, also if you open the book and it's not one of the contracts listed you can choose not to accept, close the book then reopen it until you get a 10 point contract. Hope this is useful to someone!

Here is an alphabetical list of all the 10 point contracts:

Back to the forest. That's where we belong. In the soil and the roots and the vines! 'Civilization' is a creeping sickness in Grahtwood. Trim the branches and let the forest flourish."

Brothers and Sisters, our Sanctuary requests assistance to embarrass the Morag Tong. For any willing to lend their blade to the cause, come to Stonefalls and let the streets run red."

Demand for Gold Coast Mercenaries is starting to decline. We require that the people of the Gold Coast take a renewed interest in our protective services—by any means necessary. Slay whomever you deem appropriate to accomplish this result."

Malabal Tor, Malabal BORE! Kill them! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill them all! Dance in their blood and juggle their bones! Bring me joy, black jesters!"

My exile leaves me hollow. I miss the land of my birth, but I may never call it home while those who claim it still live there. I appeal to you: bring sorrow to the people of the Rift—if not to chase them away, then just to console my spirit."

Never forgive. Never forget. The Dark Elves deserve worse than even you can deliver them, but a massacre will deliver some consolation. Stain the soil of Deshaan with blood."

Smuggling is becoming far too difficult in Stormhaven these days. I need a distraction of sorts. Scare up some bodies to keep the guards busy for a while and your cut of my profits will be nothing to scoff at."

Strained relations between the kingdoms of Hammerfell and High Rock would be a boon to me and mine. If the Brotherhood would accommodate us with an attack of the people of Bangkorai, it would serve our purposes. The sum we offer should suffice."


The Covenant's brought order that has given the citizens of Rivenspire a reprieve from their daily fears. That must not be allowed. Seek them in their hearths and havens to plant the seeds of horror back into their hearts, and I will be pleased."

The damn Elves of Greenshade continue to impair our coastal logging industry. If they insist on terrorizing our workers, then we can play that game as well. Chop down anyone fool enough to call the forest home and there will be gold in it for you."

The Ebonheart Pact is civilizing Black Marsh in the eyes of outsiders. That frightening reputation is the greatest protection Shadowfen has. Keep the shadow of death lingering over this place, so the outsiders will maintain their distance."

The Redguards are difficult to intimidate—they'll face any army with defiance and determination, but can the same be said for the looming specter of death? I desire the slaughter of citizens of the Alik'r. Perhaps that will soften their resolve."

The Thalmor have been threatening harsh punishment toward their detractors. We would like to stir up dissent and sacrifices will need to be made. Target citizens in Auridon so we can attribute the murders to the Thalmor."

The Thanes of Eastmarch overstep their authority. They may host the King in their hold, but that does not make them monarchs. Strike their territory. Let their ability to keep order come into question. I can hope they lose favor with the King."

This one does not wish to depart Reaper's March with the caravan just yet. If it were suddenly too unsafe to take to the roads, this one might see a few more leisurely days. Will the Brotherhood make the March too frightening to travel?"

Trade is the lifeblood of Glenumbra's rulers. Stifle it and they will weaken, perhaps to the point of collapse. Strike terror into the populace, keep them cowering in their homes, and reap the rewards."

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