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Dark Elf Templar Build help and tips?

TheElderScrolls11 - Dark Elf Templar Build help and tips?

So I’m a brand new noob to ESO, I just started playing yesterday for the first time ever and played for about 2 hours. So far I’m really into it and like it a lot more than I had anticipated. Just a quick history about my experience with mmo’s – I played WoW back in 2013 during the triple XP refer a friend thing, a friend referred me and we grinder to level 60 in that first month but I really didn’t learn anything about PvP, or crafting, making money or anything really. We just did quests the whole time. Once that free month ended I never picked up the subscription. Other than that I used to play RuneScape back in the day and that’s it.

Now that being said hopefully that gives everyone an idea of how inexperienced and overwhelmed I am with everything there is in ESO. I chose to start as a dark elf Templar because I liked the idea that they excel in both magicka and stamina. In Skyrim I liked to be kind of balanced all around. I almost always played wood elf for the archery skills (I like using a bow and arrow, because I felt like sword combat wasn’t very intuitive but on ESO it seems like the opposite), but I liked to dabble in magic and summoning (conjuration I think?) I’m big on stamina just because I hated always being out of stamina in Skyrim when running around. Anyways, so far I like my character I got to level 7 I believe so far. I just have a few questions about how to handle my build for my preferences and whether my class and race were the best choice for me.

So as a dark elf Templar, so far I’ve put my points into all 3 magicka, health, and stamina. I didn’t think until today that I keep hearing stamina DPS and magicka DPS that I should maybe just focus on one over the other. So it feels like I should go magic based on most of the skills using magic, but again I like having stamina for running and not having to stop all the time. So is it crazy to just be balanced on all 3? Or should I just choose one? With that I have no clue what armor to wear – light, medium, or heavy. I was thinking medium since I’m a mix of ranged spells/healing and up close attacks but from what I’ve been reading there’s not many benefits and it’s better to choose light or heavy. So far what I’ve been doing is starting with my ranged spells then running in using my close attack skills and then if I get in trouble I roll away heal and repeat. So I feel like both armors would work in a way. I guess I’m curious what’s the benefit of medium armor because I am more drawn to it? I want to have good defense but not drain my stamina like crazy and hopefully have armor that supports my magic regen.


Now in terms of my class and race, are they even a good match up? Does it matter? I do really like being able to summon monsters and what not so I’ve been kinda feeling like I should have gone warden or necro, but I guess sorcerer summons too. But then I’ve also heard the nightblade is great for DPS and is a bit of a healer which sounds awesome to me because I’d love to be a sneaky in your face killer. The reason I didn’t pick him was because of a video I watched where the guy said that the class is recommended for experienced players and it consists a lot of sneaking in for sneak attacks doing damage then falling back to the shadows to do again, which sounded kind of annoying.

I guess my biggest question is should I continue with my character or maybe swap to something else that better fits my preferences? I’m more of a casual player and I work full time and am going to school part time so I don’t really want to grind on a character that I may end up regretting…. Sorry if this thread is all over the place. I kind of typed this out over multiple sessions. My biggest thing is I like summoning, DPS, and healing and if possible some magic and or sneaking would be cool too. So just based off of those preferences what would be best for me? xD if anyone gets through this whole thing and responds, thank you and I’m sorry for the shit show. I really have more questions, but I’ll hold off on them. I really liked the first 2 hours of gameplay so far and I think this may be the first MMO that I may play for more than a month.

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