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TheElderScrolls15 - Dear Devs

Finally you realize that the huge skill gap is a ajor problem, but the way you try to solve the problem is not going to work.

First of all we should ask the question why is there such a big skill gap? It’s naive to say because some people can’t keep up with the relative high APM.

There is more to it than just that and a combat overhaul will not fix it it imo.

I see the reason somewhere else and in my opinion it has more to do with players not knowing how to play or players simply not feeling the need to try and play well.

There are so many different types of people playing this game and this is also a immense factor why there is such a skill gap.

For example casual players who like to play solo content do quest in overland like to decorate their homes and enjoy roleplaying

These people do not have to master a Rotation use BiS gear and follow the meta it’s absolutely optional.

Furthermore we have people who focus on PvP And this is a lot more difficult since there is a lot more to be good in PvP than just knowing how to keep up high APM etc

We also have the dedicated PvE players who go for the hard modes other achievements and so. These people might be the ones who will be affected the most by your changes together with the PvP players but these are also the players who do not require any changes to the combat since they more or less know how to play what the meta is etc etc.


Last but not least newer players who have no idea what skills to use, how to buff how to setup a proper build etc. every new player I met or talked to is more or less overwhelmed by the amount of in game mechanics and know how that is required to be „good“

Now if these players do not get help they might be running around clueless till they reach CP 810 and I met people like that in vet dlc dungeons underperforming because of not knowing „fundamentals“.

Another problem is that the game is advertised in the way that people have total freedom in character development you can be a warrior or a mage you can play however you want. Now this is true BUT this is not necessarily effective and a messy build is also a big reason for underperforming when it matters.

The goal should be to make the players better players and not the trying to reinvent combat to make it easier.

Again the biggest factor imo is the lack of know how and not so much lower APM I mean how hard is it to press the attack button and a skill once every 1 sec etc and there is a lot more to a good player especially in eso than just high APM.

Teach new players how to play with proper tutorials show them how a real build works help the to learn how to play and what really matters to be successful.

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