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Dear WoW Refugees….

TheElderScrolls8 - Dear WoW Refugees....

First of all, welcome to ESO ! And gz to your decision finally get off Blizzards hook. I just have some small advices for your first time in ESO.

1: Enjoy your progress in ESO. I dont talk about some weird "Endgame" (a horrible word) Progress, enjoy every single quest, read your quests, breath your quests. One of the biggest turn offs off WoW for me in my Standby Relationship with WoW was that there was always a hurry to get into "the Endgame". In my opinion we have two big Milestones, the Level 50 and the CP 160. Afterwards you can chill out, you can take your time. We dont have the need to grind asap into anything, because an upcoming patch will outdate our before farmed gear.

2: Enjoy that ESO is NOT Insta Gratificating you for everything at anytime. If you just have 30min-1 hour a day, enjoy the process of working up to a goal you are setting yourself. Yes, we all want that Juicy vMOL-Skin asap, yes we all want have a full golden gear, we all wanna have that juicy Maelstrom Weapons fast as possible. But Insta Gratification was it what was killing WoW, or any upcoming WoW Addon fast after a few weeks.

The feeling of having the Vet Malstrom Arena on farm status after a long time, the feeling finally getting the weapon you needed and farming for a long time is priceless. Finally finished the first Time any Raid on Hardmode and Vet is priceless. Dont take away yourself that gratification resulting out of a long time investment, it is way more rewarding then yelling "But BLIZZZZ PLEASE, i just have 30 Minutes a day, i want everything now and INSTANT".


  1. Shrug of the idea that gear is everything. Get away the idea that you enter with perfect gear and build a BG or Cyrodil and you are the Insta Rofl Stomp Killer. Don't think that you are top dps in your raid/dungeon, just because you have the best gear. Atleast 50% in PvP is know when to dodge roll, how to counter a specific class,when you have to push, when you have to do a chicken dance around a pillar etc. Don't get dissapointed when you get roflstomped for weeks, there will be the moment where you realize what, and when to do anything.
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Don't expect that you are instant top damage, just because you have the best gear. Atleast also 50% is learning your Rotation, get over and over at your Training Dummie, and learn to play your Rotation blind.

  1. And my last advice, just learn to have fun again while you are playing. ESO offers you a perfect balance of Casual Content, spiced up with pretty hard and tough content. If you can start seeing ESO as a complete new experience, you will love it. Don't compare it to WoW. Don't make the mistake to want something, that was the reason you where running away from WoW.

We are happy to have you in ESO. Welcome, you are now Tamriel Boys, Girls and * <3

Sorry for my bad english !

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