The Elder Scrolls

Deciphering the Sparkypants deck code

TheElderScrolls2 - Deciphering the Sparkypants deck code

gambit = aN, firebrand = lD

SPBYcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntaNrZrnqWqwazbsqrAAAA (Singleton, 1 gambit) SPBXcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntrZrnqWqwazbsqrABaNAA (Singleton, 2 gambit) SPBXcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntrZrnqWqwazbsqrAAABaN (Singleton, 3 gambit) SPBXcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntrZrnqWqwazbsqrAAACaNlD (Singleton, 3 gambit, 3 firebrand) SPBXcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntrZrnqWqwazbsqrABlDABaN (Singleton, 3 gambit, 2 firebrand) SPBXcCdYiTiZnyhylMlPlLdQlXaQeYkWcueplckHnMkKlWkTeShfbEeqdsgugsiahshjfMfGjAlhkVoyokkLjMntrZrnqWqwazbsqrACaNlDAA (Singleton, 2 gambit, 2 firebrand)


SP=Sparkypants and exists for each string. We can see that cards are sorted left to right for quantity with 1 ofs being on the left and three ofs being on the right. In between each section there is a 2+ letter combination that tells how many 1ofs, 2ofs, or 3ofs there are before the next section so that the importer knows to look for the next quantity (singles, doubles, triples) value. AA=0, AB=1, AC=2 and so on. Taking this knowledge this should be a valid import string:


Now we just need a list of all the two letter card combos and if there's a particular order to the card letter combos (and maybe a pattern). Order doesn't matter, these two strings make the same deck:



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