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Deck-Building With “Packages” – Brewer’s Cookbook (Ch2)

TheElderScrolls8 - Deck-Building With "Packages" - Brewer's Cookbook (Ch2)

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brewers cookbook a guide to deck construction - Deck-Building With "Packages" - Brewer's Cookbook (Ch2)

What is a package?

A package tends to fall under two umbrellas:

1) A set of cards that function as redundant copies of one another. By putting together sets of cards that fulfill the same function you are reducing the variance of the game.

  • Ex 1: Eastmarch Crusader and Cornerclub Gambler both provide good stats and add more card draw to aggressive decks, by having both you add much more consistent sources card draw.

  • Ex 2: Piercing Javelin is often paired with Cast Into Time as they are strong, unconditional removal and make for very strong mid-late game control pieces.

2) A set of cards with strong synergies, often seen together. These cards tend to be strong in a vacuum but have strong synergies when played together.

  • Ex 1: Creatures with the keyword “Lethal” are often paired with paired with cards that allow them to deal damage to other creatures through a 1-damage ping or a fight. The Lethal-Ping has had quite a bit of history in TESL and lately is most common in Ebonheart. Most often you’ll see cards like Fighter’s Guild Recruit, Astrid, or Archein Venomtongue paired alongside Archer’s Gambit, Quicksilver Crossbow, or Squish the Wimpy.

  • Ex 2: Execute and Cloudrest Illusionist are both great cards, Illusionist help make Execute scale better by combining it with Illusionist’s utility effect. Some variations of the Execute package also run Shining Saint and Grisly Gourmet’s for redundancy.

Why use packages?

  • Packages help reduce the amount of cards you need to help fill your deck. While before you have started you had 50 or 75 cards to pull, adding packages that support your game plan reduce the open slots by 6-12 or so per package.

  • Redundant packages reduce variance to some degree. While some redundancy pieces are weaker versions of what they mimic, the ability to have a more consistent game plan is often more valuable.

  • Using redundant packages can be helpful for budget builders. While newer players may find themselves disappointed with the epic/legendary counts of complete builds, many cards can be replaced with cards that mimic their function. Card packages are often good investments as well as they are quite commonly found together and overlap in many strategies over many classes that have that color.

  • Finally, a good understanding of packages helps you grow as a player as well as a builder, acquiring more understanding of card choices helps you understand your opponents strategy and to best react to it with the resources you have.

I hope this article was very informative and as always, may The Hist aid you!

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