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[Deck Guide] Ninja Warrior by NexGenRogue (Self-Silence Warrior)

TheElderScrolls2 - [Deck Guide] Ninja Warrior by NexGenRogue (Self-Silence Warrior)

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deck tech ninja warrior by nexgenrogue - [Deck Guide] Ninja Warrior by NexGenRogue (Self-Silence Warrior)

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Ninja Warrior is a self-silence themed midrange deck that utilizes strongly statted creatures with drawbacks in utilizing silence, like a ninja, to enable you to utilize these giants ahead of the curve.


  • {{Siege Catapult}}- Once upon a time a 5/5, Catapult's nerf made it's opportunity cost less worth it. However with the higher density of silences and effective ways to use it as a roadblock with guard ironically enough, Catapult has found a niche home in this list.

  • {{Corrupted Shade}} – While it may not be the straight stat stick that Deathlord is, Corrupted shade is the perfect card to stop the show being a 5/5 ward when given guard can effectively slow an opponents push. Conversely, it can trade up in most situations, most effectively versus lethal creatures thanks to ward, making it a pretty great creature to target with Squish the Wimpy.

  • {{Imprisoned Deathlord}} – 4 Magicka 7/7?! Yes, those are quite excellent stats indeed and thanks to them you can protect yourself and deal some serious damage. Deathlord's monstrous stats also enables Stone Throw to remove cards double it's cost.


  • {{Corpus Disease}} – Simple as it comes, Silence & +2/0. Enables you to start the siege as early as turn two with the ring.

  • {{Servant of Ja-Kha'jay}} – Solid on curve as basically a {{Young Mammoth}}, and is a great follow up enabler.

  • {{Earthbone Spinner}} – While not the cleanest enabler, it's flexibility makes it very valuable.

  • {{Shadowfen Priest}} – Deathlord into Priest is one hell of a curve to deal with, not to mention it covers support removal.


  • {{Squish the Wimpy}} – can turn dying or dormant "giants" into genuine threats. You can suicide a dead Shade or Sower of Revenge, and even trigger the breakthrough on Young Mammoth possibly dealing a crushing blow to your opponent.

  • {{Stone Throw}} – A card that may feel lost to time and power-creep, Stone Throw rivals {{Piercing Javelin}} in effectiveness in the right matchup.

Early Game (Turns 1-5)

Cards to Mulligan for: Real Simple this time around, just mull for 2&3 magicka creatures. Set up a strong field lane presence so you can dictate trades most effectively and setup your giants to pivot into the aggressor if you're not in the driver's seat already.


Mid-Game (Turn 6-11) Hopefully you've at least begun to develop your giants, set up a pattern of giant + awakener targeting the giant you played the previous turn. This sets up a pattern of giant beat stick after beat stick. If you're on defense use the Hound and Guar to build a wall with your giants, and combine them with your removal suite to pivot into a strong counter attack.

Late-Game (Turn 12+) Often times you're here because it took longer to stabilize or finish off the opponent. You're less favored the longer the game goes past the mid-game but this isn't the end. if you're low and top decking play to win not survive. Sometimes risking the two-turn and enabling some draw on your opponent is a necessary risk to undertake on the journey to victory.

Tips and Tricks

  • Corpus Disease can target opposing creatures too, clearing up guards for the killing blow.

  • Siege Catapult dodges most removal early so giving it guard to roadblock is a great way to hold the field lane. Really what are they gonna do {{Sorcerer's Negation}} it?

  • Guar can help you trade in the shadow lane by giving opposing creatures guard.

  • Squish using a {{Corrupted Shade}} you can't silence is a great way to punch through guards or break a siege without wasting that sacrifice.

  • Squish targeting {{Sower of Revenge}} is a great source or reach, so is sacrificing Sower when the field is full.

  • {{Lyris Titanborn}} kills the opponent if they have 0 runes left regardless of health

Closing Thoughts This archetype has been a solid rogue deck with even top 50 Legend players occasionally seen piloting it. It's unique playstyle makes it an every dynamic deck to pilot and enables new lines of thought for those looking to expand their playstyles. Ninja Warrior is a good bridge between theme decks and competitive decks allows one to be competitive and thematic without costing much on either.

If you made it this far thanks for reading all the way through. As always, may the hist guide you, adventurer!

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