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Action Aldmeri

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deck tech action aldmeri by nexgenrogue - [Deck Tech] Action Aldmeri by NexGenRogue

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Action Aldmeri is a tempo deck built around the use of actions as a source of card advantage through creatures that benefit from the use of actions such as Altmer Dragonknight and Manic Jack or generate them like J'zargo and Astrid. Action Aldmeri teaches you how to balance the immediate value of actions with the cummulative value of creatures. Action Aldmeri is a great deck for those that like to always be prepared and like to feel like they have control of the game without giving up aggression.

Core Cards

When I was making this deck, the working title was 3-drop tribal as the following core cards are mostly 3 drops.

  • Altmer Dragonknight – This card will often eat removal so fast and for damn good reason. Altmer's easy to trigger ability makes it a one man army and you can sometimes run away with it alone.

  • Astrid/Brotherhood Assassin – Cards with an established history in many green decks, the contracts are actions in their own right and the mana can help enable Manic Jack and Gnarl Rootbender with other cantrips.

  • Daggerfall Mage – a staple of many blue Midrange/Control decks, DM is great value and provides good cycling in the Tome of Alteration it generates.

  • Dominon Battlereeve – This card is rarely a bad top deck since it oozes so much value; Battlereeve provides reach, health, and a threat.

  • Gnarl Rootbender – I love this card, a total value engine, Rootbender is a great threat in almost any matchup. often times your high density of cantrips allows you to draw into more threats or it's strong body and ability makes it a great curve-topper in a more aggressive situation.

  • Manic Jack – A polarizing card, Manic Jack has some great support that has strong synergies with Rootbender. Manic Jack adds to the threat density and adds additional value to cards like Wardcrafter and Stand Watch.

Early Game (Turns 1-5)

Cards to Mulligan for:

  • Crown Quartermaster – Good opener and a solid solid turn-1 to contest the field lane.

  • Firebolt/Execute – Limited to one-ofs due to poor scaling, they are great openers versus aggro and are solid silver bullets.

  • Cleric of Kyne – An excellent follow up to Quartermaster, Kyne is a solid proactive two-drop and help make other threats more resilient.

  • Wardcrafter – Similar to Cleric of Kyne in utility, Wardcrafter has the added benefit of allowing trades with lethal creatures alongside buffing Manic Jack.

  • Mournhold Traitor – Solid early drop, Traitor can take over the field lane early with minimized downsized due to the high density of cards that trade well.

  • Any of the core 3-drops – They're your biggest threats and most of the cheaper cards pave the path for them to attack or add to their resilience.


Early turns can make or break the game, identify your opponent's strategy and play accordingly. Versus aggro, fight for the field lane and prepare for them to evacuate into the shadow lane. Once they're lower on resources begin to build your board so you can pivot into the aggresor. Versus Midrange, do your best to force poor trades for your opponent and out grind them in value, midrange matchups can be very fun as it feels like "classic TESL" gameplay. Lastly, versus control, prepare to hit the ground running, they're gonna be clammoring for Ice-Storm and prophecies and the lower you get them the easier it is for you to finish them off with your burn cards like Crushing Blow and Lightning Bolt.

Mid-Game (Turn 6-11)

The mid game can vary greatly depending on your opponent. Versus Aggro, you should be shoring up defenses and preparing to pivot into the aggressor once they run out of resources. Versus Midrange you can often tell if you're able to out value them, a stronger board and higher card count can help bring the game to a favorable close. Every turn versus Control is only giving them time to stabilize, by now you should have them low and have some burn in hand to finish them off, otherwise you're unlikely to maintain control of the game.

Late-Game (Turn 12+)

Often times you're here because it took longer to stabilize or finish off the opponent. Though you're less favored the longer the game goes if you're unable to keep up in value, be patient and play for the turn if you choose to continue. Sometimes all it takes is a single rune break or a timely top-deck to close the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Completed Contracts are actions and trigger Altmer Dragonknight.

  • Stand Watch and Wardcrafter's ward help narrow down the keywords that Manic Jack can gain if you're trying to get a specific keyword such as charge, drain, or breakthrough.

  • Golden Saint and Stand Watch can be used to contest the shadow lane as the former removes cover and the latter can give an opposing creature guard.

  • Dominon Battlereeve can be sacrificed when the lane is full and allows for some reach.

Closing Thoughts

New set, new brews. Action Aldmeri is a love child of two of my previous brews in
manic mage midrange - [Deck Tech] Action Aldmeri by NexGenRogue

Manic Mage and
jacksassin by nexgenrogue - [Deck Tech] Action Aldmeri by NexGenRogue
Jacksassin and I've been quite pleased at the level of success I've been able to find with the new found color combo and I hope you guys enjoy this build as much as I have.

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