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Deck Tech: CifIcare’s Ultimate heist monk.

TheElderScrolls9 - Deck Tech: CifIcare's Ultimate heist monk.

Hi TESL folk,

It has been almost a year since i made any content (In my defense i had a 3rd child, moved continents and started a business this year) so i guess some introduction is in order.

I'm CifIcare (See if i Care) and I've been around from pretty early on, my love for this game manifests itself in brewing new decks and trying to reach as high a rank as i can with them over a couple of seasons. I used to post a tech like this whenever i finished top 100 with a deck i made, but i don't have the time anymore to play enough to get there. Still, I try to put out decks i believe can be piloted into that territory even-though they're not likely to be as consistent as top tier decks.

DeckList :
ultimate heist monk cificare - Deck Tech: CifIcare's Ultimate heist monk.


As the name suggests, the deck is build around Ultimate Heist. It was my favorite card on release (I always loved playing monk) for a number of reasons.

Against control decks you only need to break 3 runes before they stabilize to be within reach, breaking 4 would most likely win you the game as there are hardly any counters to finishing someone off by breaking his remaining runes one by one out of hand.


What's even cooler about this card is that it can be a part of a pretty explosive combo if you drain or pilfer enough, i personally found that using bad pilfer cards just so you can play Master of Thieves and UH is not a great strategy. Instead i run a few strong pilfer cards (Monastic champion and grey fox) as well as 3X Thieve's Den and 3X Master of Thieves.

Having as few as 2 creatures on the board can allow the combination of TD+MoT to make your UH become 0 cost, then as gravy you also get the card from the rune it (or they if we're lucky) break and we just might even slam the prophecy in their face, such fun!

In aggro matchups the control oriented early game, the drain heavy mid-game and the 9 defensive prophecies are usually enough gain control of the board before any substantial damage is done.

Notable synergies:

Execute + Gourmet + Shining Saint + Cloudrest Illusionist (a bunch on gate killing in there too)

Master of Thieves+Thieve's Den + Monastic Champion+ Devious Bandit + The Ultimate Heist

Brynjolf can generate a ton of resources in this deck, considering he gives 1 mana for each pilfer or drain. that can lead to some shenanigans with Spoils of War.

Hope you like my deck, i'm enjoying it with a pretty decent WR (slightly over 70%) currently at rank 400 or so.



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