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[Deckcrafting #1] Ebonheart Control

TheElderScrolls10 - [Deckcrafting #1] Ebonheart Control

Hi Friends!

I'm pretty excited for some of the insane stuff we can do with the new expansion coming up. I'm going to try and 'theorycraft' decks from the existing cardpool either expanding on, or developing new archetypes! Naturally, new cards will be revealed and I may make adjustments later!

What is really cool (and downright scary) about Ebonheart Control is that a lot of very threatening combinations come together: Slay Warrior, Ramp Scout and Lethal Archer. Unlike most Triclasses experiencing a dillution of synergies, the Agility cards almost perfectly complement the existing synergies in Slay Warrior, so that will form the core of my build.

Because I couldn't quite find a convenient application to do this in a visual manner, I will just put the cards in a list per color.

My example list features a whopping 13 Agility Dualclass cards, namely Archer's Gambit, Allena Benoch, Thorn Histmage, Scout's Report, Blackwood Distiller and Red Bramman. Note how all of these somehow directly tie into the existing Slay Warrior gameplan. A key feature of Agility, the Move mechanic, is greatly appreciated in this archetype: You often find yourself dropping creatures in Shadow and relying on your pings to activate them – (the threat of) Move forces your opponent to make difficult decisions.


Early Game has been slightly modified, with the removal of Ald Velothi Assassin who has been replaced by Fighters Guild Recruit (strictly better for a defensive deck), Sanctuary Pets and Astrid. This increases the Lethal-density of the deck notably and should provide a more consistent early-game. Furthermore, the inclusion of Archer's Gambit maintains a similar consistency in drawing relevant ping effects.

In the cycling department, I removed Indoril Mastermind (RIP) and added in Thieves Guild Recruits, Shadow Shifts and an Eclipse Baroness. Staples like Fork of Horripilation and Merchant's Camel remain with us.

The lategame consistent of a large number of one-of creatures. This provides safety against the Tribunal Temple's removal tools and given how well this deck can draw and cycle it provides access to all ones heart can desire. Please note that this deck does not feature Brotherhood Sanctuary. Upon careful examination, the number of Slay effects is fairly limited and as such, it's a bit of a greedy win-more card that you don't truly need.

Overall, I am fairly excited for this list. It has definite potential to get way out of control because in my opinion the addition of Agility really does not dillute the key synergies in your pool but actually compliments them very nicely through better cycle, more lethals and Move.

Let me know what you think!

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