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Did ZOS miss the tick with Warden lore?

TheElderScrolls15 - Did ZOS miss the tick with Warden lore?

I was looking into Warden lore and a lot of complaints about it seem to be rightly centered around the description of them as a worshippers of Y'ffre/Jephre/Y'ffer. This decision makes it difficult for a lot of people to justify wardens lore-wise for a race other than Bosmer, Altmer, and Bretons. Furthermore, the existence of an Ice skill line doesn't really fit with Y'ffre and seems tacked on. Instead, I propose that the skill line seems more in line with a follower of Kynareth/Kyne/Khenarthi/Tava follower. I'll go into my reasoning more.

Patron of travelers

Kynareth is often referred to as the patron deity of sailors and travelers. Looking at travelers specifically, in their Who are the Wardens truly? article, ZOS described how
26017 - Did ZOS miss the tick with Warden lore?

"they appear to mostly travel alone or in pairs, beholden to nobody." This combines other rhetoric they gave about the Wardens, mostly describing them as somewhat nomadic travelers that didn't belong to a set organization. Seems like these travelers might want the blessing of the patron deity of travelers to guide them.

Nature magic

Like Y'ffre, Kynareth has a strong connection to the natural world. She is considered to have been the one to agree to Lorkhan's plan and allowed him space to create Nirn. Along with this, she is seemingly revered by hunters. In Skyrim, the old Nord hunter Froki says "
It's an old Nord Tradition, a test to prove your worth in the eyes of Kyne. Show that you're a hunter and no simple butcher. Kyne teaches us to respect the beasts and blesses the hunter who will face their champions." Furthermore, as a reward for completing the quest Kyne's Sacred Trials, you receive the amulet Kyne's Token, which has a unique affect granting the user 10% reduced damage from animals.


Another thing that stood out to me was the Ultimate from the Animal Companions skill line: Feral Guardian. It stood out because all of the other animal companions skills seem to be Morrowind based animals: cliffracers, netch's, fleshflies etc. but the Guardian is a bear: not very common finds in Morrowind. Bear's, though, seem to have a strong connection to Kynareth. The name of Guardian already is reminiscent of Kynareth: in the just discussed quest Kyne''s Sacred Trials, you have to kill a guardian bear. Stronger evidence appears in the Knights of the Nine DLC for Oblivion, though. During the quest Natures Fury (already very warden-esque name) you are tasked with finding the Boots of the Crusader, boots that are attributed to Kynareth and are being protected by her. To complete this quest, the Hero of Kvatch must enter the Grove of Trials and be met by a forrest guardian (you guessed it, another bear) but the Hero will only be able to proceed if they do not attack the hostile bear. I think it's safe to say that Kynareth likes to have bears be guardians of nature.

Finally, Kynareth is often symbolized with a hawk, well at least Kyne is. I know it's a bit of a stretch, but the Warden does have the Falcon's Swiftness ability. Replace Falcon with Hawk and it would be right up Kyne's alley- a bird of prey and increasing movement speed ie. moving like the wind.

Winter's Embrace

This one has always been tough for people to understand why it fits in with the class, but I believe it would fit pretty well with a Kynareth/Kyne worshipper, especially the latter. She's the godess of storms and wind. The ultimate is called Sleet Storm, which can be morphed into Northern Storm. The description of it is twist a violent storm around you. There's Arctic Winds, with the description envelop yourself in winter winds. We already have Sorcerers using lighting magic so it makes sense that they didn't want to focus on that aspect of storms, but snow storms are very powerful in their own right, and do fall under Kynareth's domain of wind and storms.

I just wish they'd realized this and gone this route with all the lore (what little there was) that they wrote about the Wardens. Kynareth is worshipped by every race but the Argonians, Dunmer, and Orcs. All of which don't really worship any Aedra naturally. This would mean that it would make a lot more sense for a larger amount of races.

TLDR: Kynareth loves responsible nature loving hunters and kills bad people with guardian bears just like a warden. She also whips up an ice storm strong enough to compete with a warden tank. Their skills really fit Kynareth more than Y'ffre.

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