The Elder Scrolls

Discussion about the game in general, please read

TheElderScrolls2 - Discussion about the game in general, please read

Ok people, this is my first post here, but I wanted to discuss one thing: the reason I think TESL has the potential to be the best CCG out there in the market.

First thing is that although I freaking love how the game is built (two lanes, rune system), and I think it is genius, my main concern with the game is that I become really bored of it really fast: I might play 60 games in 4-5 days and then don't touch the game for the rest of the month. IDK if this is an issue for any other players, but I didn't feel this way with hearthstone, for example (although I ended up hating the shit out of it due to RNG).

The reason for this, and what I'd like to see in the game, is that I feel like there are too little "build around" cards in this game (I'll be referring to cards like this that synergize well with one another as an Engine from now on)

That is why when a new "good" (read: consistent) Engine is introduced to the game, it becomes overpowered AF: We've seen this before with decks like Telvani Conscription and Nix Ox.

Another reason for my previous argument is the fact that Aggro decks (with MAYBE the exception of Aggro Warrior) feel blank, unoriginal, boring even. I'll be comparing TESL with MTG for a second here, but bare with me.

The thing is that Aggro decks in Legends play much more like Burn than for example Aggro Elves in MTG. I'll present you two decks now from MTG, to compare. Burn relies on the fact that in MTG you start with 20 HP instead of 30, and that there are spells that for low mana deal "big" amounts of face DMG (Lightning bolt, Lava Spike, which both deal 3 dmg to face for 1 mana and you can play 4 of each in your deck). This means that Burn will usually kill you in turn 4 or 5 by having almost no interaction with the enemy player (which might not be the case in TESL, but that is irrelevant). Now Aggro Eleves relies on the fact that a lot of cheap elves can produce mana, which let's you play "Lords" (elves that buff all elves in you side of the battlefield) which results in your little elves turning into even 6/6s by turn 4, swinging for crazy amounts of dmg due to the fact that by that point you might have 15 elves on the board.


This creates a much more unique and interesting deck due to the fact that no other deck plays such a synergy, which is great not only in competitive play, with more decks being meta-viable, but for casual play as well due to the fact of how many combos and synergies are possible to pull off.

I feel like if the developers try to balance the game in ways like these, creating more crazy synergies, it will revitalize and refresh the game we all love and know, and I want to know your opinion on this matter.

One example I will give is that right now, one of the cooler cards in the game (Ring of Namira), although has crazy potential, is impossible to build around. Due to the fact that it is unique, the amount of digging you have to do through your deck is huge, which then has to be played by a whooping 7 mana just in order to be online. The worst part is that those dozens of mana you spent digging and casting the Ring can be easily countered with ANY and I mean ANY support removal, which in turn means that if you have built your deck around killing with the ring, well… you might just concede since you are not winning this game.

I think that a good way to fix this would be to make the Ring Indestructible. Make it 8 mana if it's necessary (although I think it isn't: 7-droping this might lose you the game in a lot of cases).

Anyway, I've been typing for way to long about something that, in the end, it doesn't matter. It's just that I see so much potential with this game, and I would really be sad if it all went to waste. I just think something has to be done: The meta has been the same for as long as I can remember and I really have my hopes up for this expansion and this game in general. See you all in game

Sincerely yours, Fako

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