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TheElderScrolls14 - Discussion about vampire needing buffs

Before I start, Im not expert player. Im just a casual who dont know much but I do know enough to want to give my opinion on this.As you know, Vampires are probably underperforming right now. Many people have said that they are giving up being a vampire cause it isnt worth it anymore. And in all honesty, they arent wrong. Vampires are so much weaker now. The whole idea of the rework was to change how vampires are because they was meta. Anyone could be vampire and the drawbacks were just not really a drawback. They wanted to make it to where you had to do some commitment to being a vampire and not just becoming a vampire and getting passives.

They technically achieved this but its obvious what is going on with how vampire was handled. The devs didnt want vampire being a must pick meta thing again so they nerfed anything they felt would be strong. This has backfired because now vampire has nothing going for it. For starters, they changed the vampire lord set so it doesnt even buff vampire ability damage into getting lower vampire cost for higher drawbacks. The vampire lord set increasing your drawbacks to get a lower cost on vampire abilities is backwards. It should have decreased your drawbacks instead while also lowering your cost on vampire abilites. It didnt have to remove the drawbacks but just lower them.

Blood for blood is pretty much a dead ability due to it not allowing healing from others but yourself for 5 seconds. Thats not good at all. It should have just simply lower healing from others by a certain amount. Everyone agrees it was overperforming but nerfing it like this doesnt fix the problem. It just makes the move worthless and way too risky in situations. Tbh, arterial burst isnt even really that good. Its just a better pick then blood for blood right now. Getting guarteened criticals when you use it under 50% health is very risky. Your not gonna let yourself get that low unless your using blood frenzy which could lead to you dying. It probably should have guarenteed crits if your target was under 50% health but idk if that is honestly balanced or not. Im just giving a suggestion.


Speaking of Blood Frenzy, the idea of the move is great. The issue is the drain. Its meant to be risky but jesus, its hard to get use out of this move without fear of killing yourself. Due to this, your always gonna use sated fury instead of shimmering fury. Idk if this moves need some changes or not but it does feel like its hard using it sometimes. Im not saying make this move braindead broken or not risky but maybe find a way to make it a bit easier to use.

Vampiric drain is a joke of a move. I heard it did more damage and healing on the pts but they nerfed it down. There are better moves that do what this move does in terms of damage, healing, or even both at the same time. I dont know why drain vigor gives your character stamina when vampire as a whole is a magic based character. Exhilarting drain is probably the better morph but there is no reason to use the drain move in the first place.

Look at werewolves. They are much better now then they was before. You can build around the werewolf while also being free to do things for your character while they arent in werewolf form. You cant say the same for vampire. You have to build around vampire in order to get it to work and your freedom feels very restricted due to the nature of how vampire has become. IM NOT SAYING NERF WEREWOLF. That doesnt help vampire out. Im saying buff vampire to be better. It definitely needs some love. I know people dont want it to be meta again but this isnt how you balance them. All it does is make vampire only reason for existing is for roleplay at this point.

Btw, just one more thing. I do thing you can give vampires some much more cooler abilities. This is my opinion and is more of a fun suggestion. I swear its crazy watching vampire enemies do all this crazy stuff while your vampire feels like it cant do much of anything compared to them. Im not saying we should be able to fly and turn into pools of blood but Im just giving ideas of what I mean by more cooler abilities.

This is all I wanted to say. Now I want to know how yall feel and what yall thing should be done to push vampire into a better place. Do you think vampire is fine or do you believe it definitely needs more love ever since the rework?

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