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DLC in 2021? Speculation

TheElderScrolls10 - DLC in 2021? Speculation

Altmer 1 chapter (Summerset) Dunmer 1 chapter (Morrowind) Khajiit 1 chapter (Elsweyr) Nords 1 chapter (summer 2020) Orsimer 1 DLC (Wrothgar would probably be considered a chapter if released today) Argonian 1 DLC Imperial 1 DLC-ish? (Gold coast was part of Cyrodiil's map in TES4) Redguard 1 DLC-ish? (Hews bane, it was Reguard-"themed" anyway) and Hammerfell is likely the "host province" for TES6(2023+?), if speculation on the teaser trailer is to be believed. Bosmer N/A Breton N/A

2021 will be the 15th anniversary of TES4 Oblivion, ZoS have shown they are happy to cash in on "nostalgia bucks" (Morrowind), what better time than to release an Oblivion centric Chapter? (which would also fill in as an "Imperial Chapter" if the above pattern holds. I'd imagine it would be either:

  • Or south of Bravil(which is just barely visible from within Cyrodiil in ESO in the south) with Leyawiin being that regions capital. My money is on this one being a chapter, as it's a larger area
  • Between the Gold coast/Cyrodiil (i.e. Skingrad as the regions "capital" with manor houses and vinyards everywhere and a larger mountainous region to the north (the highlands)). Skingrad was found in a WIP state by someone who got out-of-bounds years ago, too. Maybe as a Q4 "smaller area" DLC – a la South Elsweyr.

Here's a very rough sketch of these two areas. And here is the Official Tes4 map for reference.


Cyrodiil also had some landscaping changes made to it in ESO for the AVA war, like flattening some mountain ranges in the north, so the map would vary somewhat either way.

The bosmer and breton would be the other two races without sizable chapters/DLC of their own. Both have their areas of the map filled in pretty well already, however.

  • Valenwood is filled-in, so a prospective Bosmer chapter might instead be a forest-themed oblivion plane focused on the lost walking city – Falinesti, which doesnt appear in the game, currently.

  • Not sure what a Breton chapter would have as high rock is packed out already … maybe spellcrafting/sword&rune mechanics and something related to the Isle of Balfiera/Direnni Tower

Your thoughts?

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