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Does anybody else roleplay related characters?

TheElderScrolls4 - Does anybody else roleplay related characters?

Here's the family history of my elder scrolls characters-

Reikvulf was a Nord, born an orphan in the town of Riften. He grew up working the docks, and after years of hard work and a lot of luck he became the captain of a merchant ship. One night while docked at the imperial city his ship was raided. In the darkness he killed one of the attackers, who turned out to be an imperial guard. One of his crew had been smuggling dwemer artifacts.

Reikvulf was thrown into the imperial prison for years, until being conscripted into the imperial legion and being posted in Vvardenfell. He worked his way through the ranks, eventually leading the foundation of the Raven Rock mining colony on Solthseim. Relying on his sharp wit, hard work, and luck, he smoothed relations between the colony and the native Skaal tribe, leading to his marriage to a Skaal woman, and him taking on the last name "Ravenskaal."

Reignhalt was born not long after, given a family name from his mother's side. He was brought up halfway between the life of an imperial colonist and the life of a Skaal tribesman. Just so happens halfway between the two was a mead hall by the name of Thirsk, where he spent most of his time and his father's money drinking, betting, and fighting.


His father couldn't be more proud. "We've got the luck of dragon's blood," he'd always say when his son would come home, pockets jingling with gold. The family was known and loved across the island. Before long though, the traveler's itch hit Reignhalt just as it had his father, and wishing his family the best he set out to find his way in the imperial city. It did not take him long to discover the arena, where the luck of the dragon's blood continued to ensure his bets came out on top. After a while however, certain people began to think he was too lucky. After an exceptionally high payout after an exceptionally risky bet, he was accosted by a pair of guards, who accused him of cheating. He was beaten, robbed, and thrown into the imperial prison. It was here that the dragon luck really kicked in; hours after his arrest the Mythic Dawn's plot to assassinate the emperor began and he was thrust into the history books as the Champion of Cyrodiil.

Once the gates were closed and parades were thrown across the empire in his favor, he could enjoy the spoils of victory- women in every province threw themselves at him, and he threw himself right back.

Redwolf's father had always told him they could trace their ancestry back to the Champion of cyrodiil, but there were many alive today who could claim that. Even a handful of Argonians. Guy really got around. But redwolf soon found that the blood of the dragon did indeed flow strongly within his veins.

Anyways so that's my headcannon. I hope ES6 is set like 20 years after skyrim so we can see where the Dragonborn's son ended up.

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