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Double dual dagger build (that’s 4 daggers ya’ll)!

TheElderScrolls9 - Double dual dagger build (that's 4 daggers ya'll)!

Hi all,

I'm CP 300. I have been trying to figure out (the entire time I've played this game) if my dream of a quad dagger character is viable at all.

Right now, on a skeleton dummy, I can pull 19k DPS. I expect that number to go up a lot when I can craft a Night mother's gaze ring, to get that 5 piece physical penetration bonus.

Diving right in to my setup (for target dummy):

Front bar: Barbed trap, Killer's blade, Surprise attack, Rending slashes, Camo hunter, Dawnbreaker

Back bar: Flying blade, Relentless focus, Leeching strikes, Blade cloak, Mark target aka Reaper's mark (will switch to soul-splitting trap when I craft that ring), and Incapacitating strikes

I'm running 5 piece Hunding's Rage, and soon to be 5 piece Night Mother's gaze.

Now for my rationale:

  • 9% flat DMG bonus for fighter's guild slotted/passive.
  • Flying blade gives major brutality, weapon DMG 20% (and it's been giving me that for 40 seconds. I think it's a bug)
  • Camo hunter gives Major Savagery +2191 weapon crit, and if I circle around the enemy throughout (which fits hyper agile and fast character vision), I get Minor berserk continuously, giving a flat 8% DMG increase.
  • Incap strikes gives me a flat 20% DMG increase for 6 seconds
  • Blade cloak gives me 8 bursts of over 1k DMG for 8 seconds (or is it 10 sec now?)
  • Standard spectral bow proc on relentless focus
  • Barbed trap gives Minor Force, crit DMG up 10% for 12 seconds
  • Hemmorrhage, assassin passive, give minor savagery, increasing crit by 1320 for 20 sec
  • Reapers mark is nice if I have mobs around, as it gives me a flat 25% DMG increase after marked target dies (this is awesome with whirling blades in dungeons with multiple mobs)
  • Soul-splitting trap is now a great DOT

I've got 2 pieces of gear up to legendary/yellow. My 2 front bar daggers are yellowed as well, with nirnhoned. The rest are purple.


You can assume the rest to be standard Nightblade practice, with divines on most items, a couple infused pieces with stamina enchants (although I know meta is all divines). Weapon damage enchants on jewelry. Shadow boon. Food is Braised rabbit and whatever (blue). Weapon enchants are damage + absorb stamina. Most of my enchants are purple level, not all gold yet.

So, I've got a ways to go on my gear. Don't expect I'll be getting relequin anytime soon. My real question is, at my current level, with my current gear, doing 19k DPS, is this a good sign that I may one day be viable for some big ol' DPS numbers? Where were you guys at DPS-wise at CP300?

If I can make a double dual dagger build viable, I'd be happy to take a hit to the old DPS numbers, because it's a lot of fun and I love the roleplay idea of a Redguard running circles around bosses stabbing the shiz out of it from all angles.

Thanks in advance all. Peace love.

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