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Dragon Breaks, Dwarves, and Theories.

TheElderScrolls8 - Dragon Breaks, Dwarves, and Theories.

First of all, i came up with this theory months ago, so by now I've forgot plenty of it, and will edit this post according to what I rediscover, and what I'm corrected on. I guess I'll go ahead and state my theory, and add in my facts as I find them again. So the theory is basically that Numidium caused a Dragon Break, which happened to cause the Dwemer to not exist in the reality of the games. Now this begs several questions, of course. The first question I'll try and answer is, what about Yagrum, the Dwemer in Morrowind. Well that's a good question. And if anyone has any idea, please comment below, because I've been unable to figure out anything about how he's fine. So the next question, which I'll actually answer, is why do I think Numidium is the reason behind it. Well, if I remember correctly, which i may not, Kagrenac, the chief dwemer tonal architect was doing work on Numidium. And we all know that Numidium caused dragon breaks. Not concrete proof, but it's something to build upon. And, was the heart of lorkhan in Numidium? I know it was in Akulakhan, which was supposed to be New Numidium, but the details currently elude me. Now how about I make my way over to the heart of Lorkhan. Since it's literally the heart of a god, it's clearly quite powerful. And since it's the heart of the god of every Aedra, Daedra, and anything in between, we also know it may just be the most powerful anything to ever exist. So if anything could happen to make an entire race of people "dissapear", one would think it would be the heart of lorkhan. Now I may have left out a big detail. Now I believe it was stated Lorkhan was killed. Which would make sense, with his missing a heart and all. (The heart wasn't a real heart though, now that I remember. Right?) But what if he's still alive? If anyone could survive, it'd probably be lorkhan. And maybe he punished the dwarves with a Dragon Break. Or maybe the dwarves accidentally made a Dragon Break, without outside interference. Either way, i personally believe that the dwarves still exist. In some way. They're not alive in the reality we see in game. But maybe they're alive in one we don't see. Alternate realities are more than likely a real thing in our lives, and they undoubtedly would make sense in The Elder Scrolls. I'll gladly edit this, as many times as needed. It may be a week until I get another chance, cuz I'm taking a visit to New York, and I'll probably be up in the mountains.


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