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Dual frost stave – Tank build.

TheElderScrolls7 - Dual frost stave - Tank build.


Since I stopped chasing vTrial achievement and are more into dungeon and casual play now, I've stopped my healers and started Tanking for fun.So I took what people said me it's the worst : Templar and Dual frost staff and take the challenge to made it work !

I'll said it now to avoid confusion :

=> It's a FUN build made for ANY vDLC HM and Craglorn vTrial (no tested in HM yet but should work fine).Anyway, I do not recommend to use it in any vTrial, even if it work, cuz you need to buff your team and this build don't do that. <=

So ! Now that all are clear, let's continue. My 3rd purpose after Templar and dual Frost staff was to realize the dream of some Tank player : AoE Taunt.
And, guess what ? The only class that can do that is the Templar !
How to do it, simple, we combine the Tormentor's set that drop in Banished Cell 1 & 2.
Effect :
" When you deal direct damage with a Charge, Leap, Teleport, or Pull ability, you gain 3642 Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance and taunt the enemy to attack you for 15 seconds. "

With Explosive Charge :
" Charge with your divine lance to impale all enemies in the area, dealing 537 Magic Damage.
Any enemy hit that is casting is interrupted and stunned for 3 seconds. "

So, that mean, all enemy hit by the Explosive Charge are taunted. And, cherry on the cake, it's also an AoE ranged interrupt !

So, that mean we don't need Pierce-armor or Inner Fire/Rage to Taunt anymore !Now I'm gonna use Silver Leash for ranged Taunt (+when we don't want to jump on target) and Explosive charge for middle/close range AoE Taunt.

Self Healing :

Now, let's talk about the main reason the Templar is considered the worst Tank : Templar don't have any Heal that scale on max HP. Isn't ironic that the most popular healer in the game lack of heal when it come to Tanking ? x)

So, that the main reason we don't use meta set, we NEED to be able to survive alone in some situation (when your team die and you have to rez them for exemple, also thanks to Templar's passive it's fast and they came back full life !).

For this point, the best set I've find so far is : Crest of Cyrodiil who need to be buyed with AP, Guild Merchant or lucky drop into Reward of the worthy’s box.

What it does ?

" (2 items) Adds 129 Stamina Recovery

(3 items) Adds 1206 Max Health

(4 items) Adds 1206 Max Health

(5 items) After successfully blocking, heal for 7890 Health. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds. "

Seem good right ? Wait, With CP + 8% heal strength from Templar's Passive when on rune.It can jump to 14k HP each 4 sec (yes, 4 sec when all set is gold)

Also you might think "Stam recovery is bad, stam don't regen when blocking".
Yes… But no ! We Tank and Block on Magicka pool, stam while regen like crazy, that one of the next point.

Their is 2 possibility to add to complete the sets (need to test the second one) :

1 – Use Engine Guardian monster set, amazing set for this build, proc almost every time and give ton of ressource and heal (remember we lack good heal, so that awesome).

2 – Use Domihaus shoulder (+1k Mag +1k Stam) + Bloodlord's Embrace mythic piece.

The 1st option is test and approved, awesome monster set, I've use it to Tank the to last vDLC HM and all goes fine.

The second need some test ( I Need the Tormentor helmet >.<) but since we block on Magicka it should be awesome too and less random than Engine Guardian (but we'll lose 1 of our greatest heal).


I also want to try later a 3rd set-up to provide a bit more utility to the team with : Earthgore (gonna be our oh-shit heal, only for us, proc with vigor) + Tormentor (still the base of this fun build + Torug/Alkosh/Yolna (not sur yet), with 2 infused staff with crushing + weakening.
But that also mean I’ll have to switch to impérial because of way to much resistance in Nordic = total waste.

Gonna be a more risky set-up cuz we lost 2 strong healing set for 1 strong but low on uptime.

Stamina pool :

The skill we spam the most are stamina : Vigor, Silver Leach (taunt+pull), Power of the light, Razor Caltrop (aoe Major Fracture since we don't use pierce armor, healer use Ele drain 100% of the time, so we already have major breach, if the healer does not, just slot it).

And that cool since we don't block on this pool ! All tank invest a bit (or a lot depend people) on regen for the non-blocking pool, that what we do too.

The bonus part ? That will allow you to do more interrupt, sprint and roll-dodge ! I rarely block heavy attack from hard hitting boss, I just dodge, and can do it a lot with 1700 vigor regen and 19k stamina !

The second good thing ? We can have infinite magicka for block by using spell symmetry. But we rarely need to do that and I prefer Deep Though so I can safely tank boss’s attack and regen both pool after a heavy atk or boss mechanic if needed.

Race :

I play as a Nord, just because it the simple way, but any race should work, just adapt your Red CP to reach at least 30k in both resist while buffed (I'm a bit overcap with nord but not a big deal).

Glyph :

Since I’m still a beguinner at tanking, I tend to play safe, so :

– Back-bar with Infused Frost staff I use weakening, will change it to crusher soon.

– Front-bar I use Decisive Frost staff with Absorb Stamina to do more roll-dodge, was very useful on the last boss of Stone Garden where you need to dodge all heavy attack to stay safe.

I’ll probably change it for infused with weakening and put crushing on back-bar.

Skill :

The skill I use most of the time, can be changed, depend on the situation so keep that in mind.

Front-bar :

– Deep Though (insane ressource return, use it wisely)

– Power of the Light (ult gen + unique debuff + proc minor sorcery)

– Explosive Charge (main taunt, aoe + interrupt)

– Vigor (main heal, cheap)

– Inner Light (more magicka + flex spot)

Back-bar :

– Rune (magicka sustain + minor mending + resistance)

– Razor Caltrop (major fracture + slow)

– Wall of element (Proc glyph + slow + chance to chill (minor main + immobilize) mob

– Silver Leash (Taunt when we don’t want to charge + Pull add)

– Inner light ( more Magicka + flex spot)

The build :


Hope you like it, sorry if I made lot of grammar error, I did my best but my English is very limited :<

And remember : it's a fun build, efficient, but fun, so yeah, no real group support outside of basic tanking/packing/not dying/minor+major breach-fracture. But hey, fun and originality also matter sometime ^^

Have all a nice day !

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