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TheElderScrolls9 - Dungeon Finder Horror Story

So it’s Sunday evening, I decide I’d get the random daily DG done. Queue up for both Normal and Vet, didn’t mind either one, just needed to get it done. It ends up being vRuins of Maz. I’m like, “Alright, this is easy, shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve done it on vet more times than I can count and did it with HM” I was dead wrong. Everything went steady for the most part, I can’t say smooth because there were a few hiccups here and there on each boss. I was tanking, and we had a cp300 Heals, a cp300 Deeps, and a cp1000~ Deeps (I’ll just call him Buffoon).

Anyway, we get through everything, with a relatively average timeline, the DPS could’ve been a bit more but it was manageable – until we got to the final boss. This was the Storm Phase, the phase in a dungeon when your group wipes multiple times, and you see people start to turn on each other. We’ve all been there. We wipe probably 20-30 times with 20 a minimum. As we continued to die over and over again, Heals and Deeps (and I, silently to myself) realized what the issue was. It was Mr. cp1000 Idiot. After every time we wiped, he would point fingers, notably at the two cp300s. Not giving any helpful advice nor criticism. Just being an overall ass, insulting the lower levels.

Let me tell you what was up with Mr. Idiot. He’s a Magsorc. Astonishingly low DPS for someone of his CP level. I kid you not, I witnessed this man spam Endless Fury (Sorc execute) probably 5 times in a row when the boss was at 90%. He couldn’t stay out of the red for his life (literally), had zero situational awareness, zero positioning knowledge, stands behind me (the tank) when the boss has conal AoEs, and had absolutely dumpsterjuice DPS. Not to mention he was like constantly dead. We’d revive him and he’d just die again. Common sense says to wait until an AoE goes away and then revive, but nope, dude gets up and immediately dies again. After wiping that 20-30 times, Heals and Deeps initiate a vote to kick Idiot. I, while normally guilty of giving people a lot of chances, didn’t care at this point. It was obvious he was the problem. He gets kicked and they bring in a cp400 DPS. And what happens? We kill her on the very first try. Go figure. It was the Idiot.

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And to make it all even better. I was actually in a DG with him the day before. Same guy. It was Imperial City Prison. Flesh Abomination. Super easy boss as well. Well not for this guy. Just like today, low DPS, wouldn’t prioritize the Hoarvors, and when the boss runs to the middle of the room to do that giant AoE, he died every single time. A cp1000 who doesn’t know the basics of combat, don’t stand in the red, pay attention to your surroundings. Attention to detail. Anyway, he again played the blame game, trying to pin it on me that time even though he was the only one dying.

I guess the main things to take away from this, and this is kind of aimed at you lower CP players, is to stick up for yourselves. Just because someone is 810, doesn’t mean they are never the problem, or that you are the problem because you’re lower level. This was a real example of someone who didn’t know what he was doing. Getting smacked around like a bag of banana chips. Be confident in your abilities and know when to recognize that someone is problematic and unhelpful. A lot of blame goes to lower CPs just because they’re not maxed out. It’s not always true.

End Rant

TL;DR: Some cp1000 in a dungeon was dragging the whole group down and being problematic and insulting lower levels. We replaced him and finished the dungeon, smooth like butter.

Sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile. And if you guys who were in that dungeon with me are somehow seeing this, thanks a ton. You guys rock. And cp1000, if you see this, I’m not mad at you. I’m just disappointed.

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