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Hello all!

As we know, there is always a debate over how people who abuse the role system should be treated. No one likes big queue times, however they are there for a reason – for a balanced play experience that allows all four players to enjoy themselves and their role.

I suggest the ability to report a player who has queued as the wrong role, is being a poor sport, going AFK, or is is not playing very well:

  • Each report builds on a players account.
  • Only one report per dungeon would work, so premades or multiple reports would not stack.
  • If they reach too many reports within a time limit, they get a warning indicating that they should practice their choice role before using the Dungeon Finder.
    • This warning should include tips on how to successfully build around a general archetype.
      • It would also be fantastic if we could get a quest line similar to the Siege Training that could introduce basic scenarios for each role to enact their tasks.
      • Tank needs to taunt, and block something.
      • Healers needs to heal a couple of targets while they are taking damage.
      • Etc.
    • A lot of new players are ignorant to how the dungeon dynamic works, this warning would be polite and constructive.
  • After they have received the warning, they are are placed in a time of probation.
    • During probation, if the threshold of reports hits a certain limit, they will get a 48 hour lock out. They will not be able to use the Dungeon Finder for 48 hours, account wide.
      • This would not need to be in game time.
  • If the player consistently received reports after returning from a 48 hour lockout, they would be locked out of the Dungeon Finder system for 7 days.
    • Further reports would repeat this 7 day lock out.
  • After a certain time frame of not breaking the report limit, a player would revert back from being in the 7 day lock out cycle and back to the beginning, at 48 hours.

In order to prevent players from casually reporting without good cause:

  • The report window would have a clear warning indicating:
    • The report function is meant for serious decisions.
    • Is it possible the player you want to report needs to be reported? Maybe they:
      • Need constructive criticism
      • Explanation on specific boss mechanics
      • Etc.
    • Only report if you feel the player is abusing the system, truly needs to learn more about the game before doing dungeons, or is being a poor sport by sabotaging your group or being hostile in chat.
  • Reports are tracked.
    • If you report too many players within a time limit, your reports will begin to have less weight toward their punishments.
      • This would reset over time.
    • If the players you report consistently have no other reports, and you report too often you will be locked out of using the dungeon finder for the same tiers as those being reported.

I think if the above were implemented, after careful discussion and balancing around the different thresholds regarding report amounts and time frames, we would be able to fix the issue of role abuse in Dungeon Finder, as well as educate newer players.

I do not think this would be a massive system to design, and with a lot of work being done internally on battlegrounds, I feel like it could be worked in fairly easily by the development teams.

What do you think?

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