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Duplicate Legendary Protection: An honest conversation

TheElderScrolls1 - Duplicate Legendary Protection: An honest conversation

Dear Bethesda

I started playing Legends the day it released on the iPad two years ago. I instantly loved the cards, the dual lane system, runes, prophecies and the philosophy of skill above randomness. I can honestly say that this is my favourite game.

Through the good and the hard times, I have stuck with this game, believing that it has a bright future.

However, for all the good that I have mentioned, there are still two aspects of this game that leaves me feeling frustrated, and sometimes even cheated.

  1. When I use my hard earned Soul Gems to craft a unique legendary, or a third copy of a non-unique, just to inexplicably open said legendary in the next few day. (Sometimes the very next day, and other times even more than one copy…)
  2. Worse still, choosing to spend $60 on packs, missing a substantial percentage of the legendaries from a set, and then opening 2 or 3 duplicates.

The news of 4 new pack expansions heading our way over the coming year is fantastic news! I can't wait! But I also believe this necessitates an honest and open discussion about duplicate legendary protection.

To get the conversation started, here are my reasons why I think it should be strongly considered:

  1. This isn't a new concept in CCG's. Hearthstone implemented duplicate legendary protected after they decided to ditch adventures in favour of pack based expansions only. (And we know how greedy Activision is!) Wizards of the Coast has not only introduced 5th copy protection for Mythics (Legendaries) earlier this year, but even for Rares (Epics) in Magic the Gathering: Arena.
  2. Value for your money. Consumers have a finite amount of money to spend on games. This is just the reality of life. Four new expansions each with a $50 pre-order is a considerable investment to make in a year for most people. Why would anybody choose to spend that much money on Legends if MtGA guarantees a lot more value? (I am talking about people who are more on the fence, than fans. But it is relevant to all of us.)
  3. New player retention. Finally, new players are going to have a tough time catching up with so many new expansions coming out. We want these players to stick around don't we? As I have mentioned before, opening duplicate legendaries when you crafted them, or after spending money is such a big "FeelsBadMan" that some newer players might not stick it out with the game when they otherwise would have.

To whoever is the person(s) at Bethesda with the power to make this decision, I implore you. I want to spend my money on this game, but I also want to feel good about the money I spend. I don't have any evidence to back up my claim, but I think most of the community probably feels the same way I do.

Thank you.

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