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Dwemer Camp concept; Elder Scrolls 6

TheElderScrolls8 - Dwemer Camp concept; Elder Scrolls 6

Dwemer Camp concept: Elder Scrolls 6

In Skyrim, I loved the homesteads we could build, but was a little frustrated at the ‘Pre-Fab’ natures of them. In fallout 4, I really loved the freedom to create our own settlements and homes, but I don’t want that for ES6. My concept is a blend of the two player-home implementations, with some pre-fab aspects, and some player-designed aspects.

The whole system starts early in the main questline, where you end up rescuing a dwarven automaton prototype from an enemy camp. The automaton is an upgraded version of a dwemer sphere, but the upper body and head is articulated much more like a human. After you rescue him, he explains that he was a prototype dwarven steward automatan(I call him Stew), and that since you rescued him, you are his master now. After you exit out of the conversation, he heads off to find a suitable area for you to stay. A few in-game days later, he sends you a note to see him at the camp he's made.

When you first arrive, the camp is only a tent, a campfire, and a chest to store items. Stew explains to you that his memory was damaged when he was salvaged from his dwarven workshop, and that this was the best he could do without new schematics. The camp will now serve as your player home and home base for your companions. Stew then begins the camp-upgrade questline for you to complete. In the course of these quests, you upgrade your tent, storage, campfire, and more.

The most important upgrades are the dwemer automatons you salvage for Stew to use as workers for the camp. You can salvage up to five dwemer spiders, and three dwemer spheres. Dwemer spiders(when upgraded) can build new constructs at your camp, and can also be set to collect materials for constructions and player use with smithing. You can recover additional equipment for the spiders that allows them to collect better materials, and construct better items for your camp. Dwemer spheres are the guards for your camp, and you can upgrade them to get better weapons and armor. You can name each individual automaton you recruit, and assign them to different tasks; Spiders(build things, collect materials), spheres(patrol perimeter, man guard tower, protect gate).


As you upgrade your dwemer workers and invest into your camp, you can also build fortifications. The most obvious would be a wall that you can build then upgrade, with the initial wall being just wooden logs, but then upgrading to stone/other materials. The wall would be pre-designed so that it meshes well with the environment, and would form a rough circle around your camp. You can also build other constructs, such as guard towers, a ditch, palisades, and other defenses(you can choose roughly where these defenses go; like you can choose where along the wall you towers go). Your dwemer spheres and companions would patrol and man these defenses during an attack.

The main area of your camp would be a flat area within the walls, where you could build and place items like you could in a settlement in fallout 4, but more limited. Within the walls, you can place down tents, chairs, campfires, shrines, storage, display cases, and appliances for smithing/enchanting. You would not be able to build your own buildings outside from a small shack or hut(these would be relatively pre-fab, but you can decorate the insides). Most items you would be able to build initially, you would just need the materials to do so, however most decorations would need to be earned through playing the game. For example, perhaps killing a werewolf boss allows you to mount the werewolf skull on your tents pole, or joining a local band of mages allows you to build a magical totem. Joining and doing quests for guilds would give you access to new constructs and decorations, like joining the companions and being able to mount shields on your camp walls. This would provide you incentive to complete quest lines and explore to find new items for your camp.

Your camp will also be home to your recruited companions, which makes it easier to retrieve them, but also allows for interactions between the ten or so companions in the game. When you visit, you can witness a variety of scripted interactions where your companions can talk, spar, eat, sing, and more with each other. This would allow for a real sense of fellowship between the various people that choose to follow you, and also just be a cool experience.

Your camp could also play a large role in questlines, with people showing up at your camp, and enemies could even attack/siege your camp depending on your defenses. Your defenses could even be destroyed by certain enemies(wooden walls could be burned down, stone walls could be knocked down by giants or siege weapons).

TLDR; a settlement type player camp with some prefab elements and some player design, with a robot steward.

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