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Earlier The Elder Scrolls games (like Morrowind or Daggerfall) were more “free” in representing gods that are highly worshipped in the newer games

TheElderScrolls3 - Earlier The Elder Scrolls games (like Morrowind or Daggerfall) were more "free" in representing gods that are highly worshipped in the newer games

Hello there! First, a small disclaimer: I am not a lore master, so all the discussions on this complicated topic are highly welcome. I'd like to use some good reddit formatting here so…

So what's up?

I play TESO recently and as a true dunmer, I decided to play through storyline of Deshaan region with Almalexia and co. fighting against Maulborns. And you know… Even though I understand feelings of Vox about her son being killed by Almalexia, I still feel more like on ALMSIVI side. Even though Ordinators are bad to Ashlanders and the Tribunal is jealous about people believing in them… I see that they cause no chaos in their lands, that they protect their believers and mostly deserve all the love they get. Even I, as a player, felt more protective under her blessings than if I was on Ashlanders or Maulborn side who cause more troubles while saying that they're the true victims of everything.

Looking ahead, I'd like to touch a topic of another pretty recent The Elder Scrolls game – Skyrim. Well, relatively recent, yes, Bethesda? 🙂 Anyway, in this game you see that usual worshipping of Talos was banned by Thalmor, so it makes his worshippers like victims of Aldmeri Dominion. Every Skyrim player feels that it's wrong, so most of them support Talos' worshippers too.


Even though I say this… Well, here's the discussion starts. As I told earlier, I'm not a lore master. However, it's known that…

Tribunal are VERY false gods

We know that it were they who killed Nerevar and stole Kagrenac's tools against his will to obtain godlikeness. Moreover, it is because of them Azura cursed chimers and turned them into dunmers. It can be seen on how they are protective of their cult and jealous if people don't believe in them. Also, they are way too mannered and all their godlikeness really feels like an infinite performance.


Tiber Septim betrayed his allies in a very ugly way

Another interesting thing can be told on Talos. Many interesting things. Even more than on Tribunal. In short words, he betrayed Wulfharth and Zurin Arctus, put their souls into Mantella (a really huge soul gem), put it into a huge Dwemer-made mech, Numidium, and used it to conquer the whole Tamriel. Then the Underking was created – and this guy spent the entire Third Era in a suffering state.

Why it's so important?

The compromising information about Tribunal can be found in Morrowind (and it's expansion pack – Tribunal). The same info on Tiber Septim can be found in Daggerfall. Both of these games are… graphical mess and even bigger texting mess than this post. They're completely inconvenient in relation to the modern gamer…

But they contain more information on these gods if a player wants to create more versatile opinion on them. If newcomers come to Skyrim or Online (and they will be right to not to deal with outdated graphics and DosBox), they will see that both of these games show both Tribunal and Talos in the brightest way possible. But of course it's not like that.

I decided to create this post… Well, just because I noticed this and decided to share this. Bethesda showed us pretty ugly truth about Talos and the Tribunal in the earliest games of the series… To show their "undoubtable glory" in the future. I think that it's a brilliant test for any The Elder Scrolls fan on how they are dedicated to the history of this amazing world.

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