The Elder Scrolls

Easy and Non-Gamebreaking Tips for Any Playthrough

TheElderScrolls5 - Easy and Non-Gamebreaking Tips for Any Playthrough

Over many years and hours poured into this game, I have come across many exploits and glitches to make your character overpowered and in the end less fun. This is not what I'm here to showcase. I am more interested in little things you can do to make life a little easier in the desolate lands of Skyrim. All of these tricks are lore friendly and are easy to use for anyone, I have also never seen these tricks used by anyone besides myself.

NOTE: I am not saying these tricks were invented by me and you may have come across them yourself, this doesn't mean everyone knows them and if even one person learns something new from one of these tips it was worth it.

  1. Become Ethereal Sprinting

Everyone knows the Become Ethereal shout is a good utility shout for jumping off mountains, or casting Legendary Spells for no Magicka, or perhaps to run away from a fight without worry of stray arrows.

But were you aware you can use it to sprint for longer distances?

If you use Become Ethereal you won't lose any Health, Magicka, or Stamina until the shout wears off or you attack. This means if you use Become Ethereal and then sprint, you will do it without draining your Stamina pool. This seems like a fairly useless tip at first but if you hate Fast Travel like me it can make runs to Markarth take no time at all!

I've never seen anyone mention this trick in the subreddit so hopefully this was a new and useful tip for you, if not there's always #2

  1. Elemental Fury Mining

This tip is fairly simple and needs little explanation, but some people may not know you can mine by literally swinging a pickaxe at an ore vein instead of that slow and boring mining animation. Elemental Fury is a shout that speeds up your attack rate rapidly for a short amount of time, if you use this shout and then mine a vein by swinging a pickaxe you can clear it in 2 seconds flat. For bonus speed, holding a dagger in your left hand also speed up your attack rate by a small amount. With this tip you can clear mines in the blink of an eye which makes the whole experience much easier and more fun.


  1. Aetherial Crown Backpack

This one is a little bit of a spoiler I suppose but the games been out for 9 years and it's a side quest so I'm not too worried but if you are trying to go spoiler free, here's your formal warning!

The Aetherium Wars is an exciting and fun side-quest that always ends with a difficult choice, "Which of these items would I like to store in Breezehome forever?"

Well the answer to that question is; None of them, because you should always carry your Aetherial Crown in your inventory, no questions asked.

The Aetherial Crown allows you to store a Standing Stone buff on it that is activated when you wear the crown. This seems like a mediocre perk because although you can have a Lord Stone/Atronach Stone as well as a Guardian Stone for level ups and protection, you are stuck wearing a crown instead of armour which is no good in battle.

Here's the kicker, the Steed Stone is a decent Standing Stone that gives the blessing of 100 Carry Weight and Weightless Armour which is pretty cool, but not worth using as a Standing Stone. With the Aetherial Crown however, you can store the Steed Stone on it and whenever you end up over-encumbered from all your Cheese Wheels you can pop on the Aetherial Crown and easily make it to the next town to sell your goods.

This makes perfect use of the Aetherial Crown because you don't need to worry about a combat perk on a non combat item.

Hopefully at least one of these non-gamebreaking tips were helpful to my fellow Dovakiin, if you have something like these I didn't mention please share because I'm always into making everything ever so slightly easier.

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