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Efficient power leveling skill lines and levels

TheElderScrolls14 - Efficient power leveling skill lines and levels

TL:DR collect all surface Tamriel shards. Put 3 separate class skill lines and two separate weapon skill lines on skill bar. Wear 5-1-1 armors.

Install skyshard, lore books, Alpha gear/dressing room, and Uriah’s skill point finder ESI UI addons.

I usually craft level 10, 20, 30, and 40 gears in training trait (usually like hunding’s for stam and julianos for Magicka). You should consider improving your set to “purple” level for 80% exp boost if you have resources (this is the major exp boost people overlook). Once you craft them in usual 5-1-1 set up, you can use them for all your future toons so don’t decon them after you are done.

After that, it is all about stacking exp boost. If you have ESO plus that is great! Use that pile of Exp scrolls collected during previous events. Use ESO event Exp boost (yes, you just missed that anniversary event but another should be around soon).

Consider doing shard collection/fighter guild/magic guild skill lines during power leveling. Most efficient skill point leveling is to just run through all surface shards in Tamriel and only do public dungeon group events (about 100-110 skill points from doing this alone) to collect skill points. You should have about 170 skill points by the time you level up to level 50.


With lore books addon, you can easily level Mages guild skill to 10 while gathering shards. So much easier doing this now than later. You can consider doing Psijic skill also but that adds exponential “pain and suffering” most mortals cannot endure.

Find one other person to grind with you for couple exp bonus boost. Easy to ask in zone chat (often without paying golds).

Consider doing exp farming at dolmen and zombies (at coldharbour, Alik’r, and Greenshade) for easy exp farming but also leveling Fighter’s guild skill line. And finish up exp farming at skyreach and spellscar with one other partner.

As for skill bar, put one of each class skills, one weapon skill, second weapon skill on both front and back bars for major skill lines to level up even if you don’t use them. Wear 5-1-1 armor to level all heavy, med, and light armors. Even if you don’t see non 5 pieces armor line, they are all leveling slowly. Once you put on more of different armor weight, those armor skill line will be visible later.

Consider making separate skill bar using alpha gear/dressing room for skills in mages guild/fight guild and etc. you can switch to that skill bar before turning in quests for leveling that skill lines also.

Good luck.

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