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Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist

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Things I want in ES6. 1. Better boss battles, let’s admit it. Elder scrolls games never really had good boss battles. Alduin was a dragon reskin, Mehrunes Dagon was just there, while Dagoth Ur was a intresting villain. His fight was kinda cool, but not great. Jyggalag fell down like a cow.

Karstaag in Skyrim was a really cool fight and improved on the old Karstaag. I also liked the Gatekeeper in oblivion, but thats about it. It would be cool to have more challenging and interesting boss battles that aren’t just humanoids. Remember Mannimarco from Oblivion, his fight sucked.

However, there was a mod that made the fight more interesting. I would really like to fight the Daedric Princes, kill more interesting Dwemer machines instead of renamed Centurians. If they could add more Zelda-like bosses and a bit of Dark Souls bosses.

I would love that.

Bring back customization.

Morrowind had a really great customization, loot, and leveling system. I could go on for hours about that. Oblivion had even less, but it was still there. Making spells, organized weapon classes and such, while not perfect. The system was good, but dying. In Skyrim they changed everything. Leveling up your character was more Borderlands and Far Cry styled. There was no class anymore. It made you the badass that knows everything, while its not bad, it destroyed the idea roleplaying and was more casual.

There were three weapon classes, one handed, two handed, and archery. Archery was OP, one handed is useful, two handed sucked. Blocking was useless. There were now four armor slots. Less of everything. In es6, i want plenty of slots to use, bring back spell crafting, more skills, a class system, and the choice to be born with a sign instead of choosing one from a statue. I also want a good variety of weapons.


Different types of long blades, short blades, marksman, spears, axes etc. Oh, and make magic more expansive. Add as much magic variety as weapon variety. Oh, and make magic great again.

Improve quests.

Bethesda forgot what a quest was. It’s not a fetch this, kill that, get a couple of these, clear out this camp, etc. When todd mentioned quests in E3 for Fallout 76, it felt wrong. A quest is a journey and story. Filled with plots, locations, puzzles, and much more.

Make Dragons bigger and cooler.

TheElderScrolls12 - Elder Scrolls 6 wishlist

I don’t know if they are returning. But after playing other games with dragons then playing Skyrim. They felt ehhh. The dragons are as big as elephants. Add more Variations into dragons next time.

Give the characters heart.

Make them feel alive. I know it’s hard to do considering that there will be a lot of them. At least make storyline characters better, make me care and sad when someone dies. If someone is as awesome as they sound, make them a badass, not a weakling.

In the main quest and faction quests, make me feel like I’m in a tv show with memorable characters. Oblivion had great characters and storylines.

They can do it again!

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