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Elder Scrolls: Blades, and the big Y’s.

TheElderScrolls9 - Elder Scrolls: Blades, and the big Y's.

Love the game, 5/5 Stars. But I've got a series of possibly rhetorical questions which I just need to ask.

Why can someone with a dagger block a greatsword?

Why does an enemies shield block almost all damage and mine block a percentage?

Why doesn't a mace work better on skeletons than an axe? Furthermore, why don't maces work on armored enemies as well?

Why do I need to carry around an axe, sword, mace, and possibly a shield as well as the knowledge of most spells?

Why are health potions so expensive to make? Why are they more expensive to buy than a piece of armor? Why do potions sell for so cheap?

Why is imp stool, a vital ingredient in both enchanting and alchemy, so difficult to find, chests not withstanding? Why is every other mushroom edible, why do I need to always eat them?

Why can't I cheek some of the food I find? Potions are expensive. I have pockets.

Why does it cost 5x the amount of metal needed to craft a piece of armor to temper it? Why does that require priceless and expensive gems?

Why is selling anything even an option? If you don't salvage every piece of armor you'll miss out on metals for tempering. Every resource is tied into the Trades, so nothing really has a sense of luxury, theres no treasure. Why can't we sell some cups or candle sticks? Potions are expensive.

Aside from aesthetics, whats the point of the Timber, Stone, and Castle styles aside from a demand for more resources?

Why can't I collect taxes? I built these houses. Where is the pay off?

Back to dungeon enemies, can we agree the Wispmother is a cunt?

Why can a giant forest spider attack me 5 times before I can raise my shield? Am I possibly too weak to lift it in time?

What makes warrior goblins immune to poison, and why are the shaman susceptible to it?

Why is it that when I block prematurely the enemies recoil, but if I block as the attack is about to hit me I still get hit? Is it because dodging is rewarded in this manner instead?

Why can the enemies fient attacks? I've seen them go to attack while I'm dodging, preemptively avoiding their telegraphed attack, only to watch them raise their shield. Not really a question, I'm honestly impressed, so why can't I do that? Can I do that?


Why don't jobs take place out doors sometimes? Why are they always in a manner of cave?

Why can't I buy chests with Gold? Daddy needs some metal, he needs to build a full suit of tempered armor which will cost about 250 ingots. I did the math. Why don't the shops sell more of these ingots?

Why is the economy so terrible? Is it because its inside a cell phone? Or is there an embargo of sorts going on?

Why is the Bloodqueen so chill about us stabbing her dudes? While we get out jimmies rustled if a few townsfolk are taken by goblins in a dark cave for the 50th time. Is it because its better if they're dead that way you don't have to save them for 10 bits of wood? But I need that wood. To build profitless housing for the townsfolk who keep getting kidnapped. Why am I building houses at all?

Will there be traveling salesmen that actually sell some things?

So, theres going to be more going into the whole city management thing, right?

Can Jobs just dole out silver chests? Its a bit of a bummer to slaughter 8 trolls and use 4 potions, which are still expensive, just to receive some flowers and five rocks.

Speaking of trolls. Why can't I attack from a distance? I'm not sure running up and engaging something three times my size in a melee is a good idea.

Why can enemies always open combat with an instant attack, anyway?

Why are there no mage robes? No staffs, or any of that other useless shit?

Will stealth ever be implimented? If so, in 5 words explain how it could even be done.

Why was a quest reward a Thalmor Banner, which lead to eventually murdering them? Is it an omen for those other banners?

Is the city building element only there to tempt me with Imperial Supplies? Because it is tempting.

Do I really have to fix the walls to stop my city from looking as if its burning down? Can we just put out the fire, I like the look of it. Just not the fire.

Kudos to the one guy who sits down and decides to answer these questions. Hopefully there isn't one. Upvotes to anyone who takes them seriously.

P.S. Wispmothers suck, please nerf.

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