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Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the best MMOs I’ve ever played

TheElderScrolls13 - Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the best MMOs I've ever played

I played World of Warcraft for over 10 years, and tried numerous other online role-playing games, and none of them really did it for me. I was honestly losing hope of ever playing another online game that would bring me as much joy as wow did. Then, Elder Scrolls Online came along. At first, I was one of the people who complained about it, saying that it wasn't at all like the Elder Scrolls series, and it felt so weird to play. But after getting used to it, I began to realize just how great it really was.

I want to take a moment to share some things about this game that truly make it stand out


Traditional games like wow revolve around your character Auto attacking, and then you casting abilities. This game does not have Auto attack. You have to plan out your attacks and do them manually. Combat requires skill, as you have to be good at Resource Management. You'll run out of stamina or magicka very quickly if you don't include some manual attacks aside from your ability attacks. To me? That makes it so much more fun. WoW became just the same 5 button rotation over and over again forever.

Additionally, the developers are constantly coming out with new fun abilities with each expansion. Unlike World of Warcraft where each new expansion they remove a handful of abilities and change the functionality of existing ones that they keep in the game and then everyone is absolutely pissed that they only have three abilities they have to spam repeatedly.

The absolute best part of the combat yet though is the fact that you can choose every single aspect of your character.

You can be a dragon knight that uses Magic, that is a tank, uses a bow, two hand weapon, one hand weapons. You get to pick every single aspect of your character. This is not the case in World of Warcraft or any other MMO for that matter. You play a warrior, you're locked in. You're going to be using two hand weapons or dual wielding something. You play a hunter, you're going to be using a bow. You play a mage, you're going to be using magic. It's very cookie-cutter and lacks any sort of creativity or dynamic. Plus Elder Scrolls Online even has a champion point system where you can for hundreds of points into different talent trees. World of Warcraft completely get away with this so that each class has three talent trees, and you get like 6-9 talent points IN TOTAL! And there are no choices either. There's always a best in slot talent choice and you are stupid if you choose any other ones

** Quests / Lore **

Elder Scrolls Online has really big shoes to fill here when it comes to quests and lore. Elder Scrolls games already have tons of quests with lots of lore jam-packed into them. Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind all had really good Quest. This game did not do any of these titles any Injustice. The quest in this game are incredible. They are so vivid, and in-depth, and realistic. It's not like they're sending you out to do a bunch of meaningless crap, and if they are, it actually feels like it's contributing to something. Maybe it's just the way that every single quest in the game is fully voice acted, and the character isn't just standing there in one spot telling you what to do. Characters sometimes come with you on quests, and you have real choices you can make. I have never played an MMO before were you having an actual choice in the game and you can do one thing or the other. For example. In one Quest, you can choose to rescue this wicked woman who has been nothing but mean to the quest Giver, or you can choose to let her stay in the dungeon and rot and hopefully learn her lesson. I chose to let her stay there so she learns a lesson. And every other game, it's not like this.

In World of Warcraft, you're given an assignment, you run and complete it, then you're done. No choices, just cookie cutter quests. What's really sad about World of Warcraft is the lore also often doesn't make sense. But in Elder Scrolls, the lord always make sense. It's so richly written, and just so incredible. They don't skip anything. If they're talking about a volcano erupting, guess what's happening? You can literally see a volcano erupting. You don't World of Warcraft it? In battle for Azeroth, there was a quest in which Teldrassil was burned down. And with the volcano in Elder Scrolls Online. All you can see is this crappy CGI image in the background that isn't interactive, it's not actually real. It's just a static image they put in the background. World of Warcraft often makes these lore decisions and doesn't actually put them into the game. They just tell you them and you can't ever see the effects of them. Don't get me wrong, cutscenes and comic strips are great. But so is actual lore put into the game. Elder Scrolls does this amazingly. Every single zone has a ridiculously lengthy fulfilling questline for you to complete. Even the most hardcore players sometimes don't even have enough time to complete all of it. I know people who've been playing for years who don't have half the quest in the game done


** General Gameplay **

What feels more like an MMO? Something that allows you to play whatever you want to play anywhere in the world, no matter what it is, or a game that forces you on a linear path and requires you to do exactly what they want you to do? In Elder Scrolls Online, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You can PVP, you can do quests, You Can level up, grind, do trials which are like raids, you can do dungeons. There's really barriers at all in Elder Scrolls Online. The possibilities are seriously unlimited. What's more, you're not limited if you don't have enough of something. You can have 180 champion points and do a trial, easily… or you can have 800 Champion Points. Either or. Many people have done all the raids in the game practically without much grinding for gear.

In World of Warcraft, you have to grind mindlessly and do chores every single day just to get gear, basically slave your life away, and then once you are finally at the minimum threshold or a little bit over the minimum threshold even, people won't want to take you or let you do content because they are elitist pricks and want you to have at least one and a half times what is required for anything. I'm being absolutely serious. They introduced a dungeon or content finder that allowed you to do Mythic dungeons, which are just dungeons that are a little bit harder, and they refused to take people who are geared, preferring people who we are instead grossly over-geared for that content. Which makes it much harder for new players to enjoy the game because everyone is so hostile towards them and expect so much out of them

** Character Design **

Other games I played have very few presets, and don't allow you to customize your character too much, and have very strict restrictions. World of Warcraft for example very silly race class combinations that don't make sense. Tauren Paladin cough… And their players are constantly begging them to allow them to play something different. Players just want to be able to play the game how they want. Elder Scrolls Online lets you use any race any class on any faction that you want. Literally, how a fantasy game should be.

What character customization itself allows you to build the character that you want. In World of Warcraft, certain races have to be ugly, or fat. There's no such thing as a skinny dwarf, Pandas look horrible and bloated / beer belly. You don't have that problem in Elder Scrolls Online. Your character can look exactly how you want it to look

** Graphics **

I included this one last because honestly, it's optional, but for me, it's important. I know it's not important for everyone. Star Wars the Old Republic looks like a freaking meme, World of Warcraft has always looked cartoonish and although they try to make graphical improvements, World of Warcraft still looks like a cartoon and they refused to change it. Every single thing in the game to look like you should never be able to take it seriously.

In Elder Scrolls Online, the graphics are stunning. Seriously, absolutely gorgeous. Below are two examples of some truly STUNNING places in the game, and a world of warcraft equivalent. As you can see below, World of Warcraft can't shake a stick to Elder Scrolls Online in terms of graphics

ea59dd2aafb1719f69815f481a8870fb - Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the best MMOs I've ever played

ESO: Coldharbour

latest?cb=20180322023053 - Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt one of the best MMOs I've ever played

ESO: Alinor

WoW: Stormwind

Hope you enjoyed reading. Elder Scrolls Online truly is a spectacular game that has blown my mind

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