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Alright so I'm posting this because I've seen quite a lot of confusion as to who the various Deities in the Elder Scrolls Universe are in regards to each other.

This is a kind of guide; a family tree, if you will.


PADOMAY: Is the force of chaos and change. ANU: Is a force of order and stasis.



Before anything else existed, there were the two beings of Padomay and Anu. They are representations of all things opposite to one another.

At one point, Padomay confronted Anu in combat which caused blood from each side to spill. When these two primordial forces blood mixed, the Aedra were born.

Padomay’s blood, on its’ own, then created the Daedra. It is this that causes some to refer to Padomay as The True God. The mentality of this is that Padomay existed before anything else and it is the chaotic nature of this being that brought about the Gods that so many worship.

These forces ground against each other in an eternal battle for dominance.
Neither will never overcome the other due to being completely equal to one another despite being complete opposites.

These two “beings” are not gods. Padomay and Anu are personifications of the fundamental forces.

They lack: 1. Consiousness 2. Personality 3. Will 4. Intent

None of these aspects are available to these beings. To put it very simply, one is a force that doesn't change (Anu) versus a force that does (Padomay)

ANU: Birthed its own soul which became known as Anui-El. This happened to allow self reflection and better understanding of itself.

ANUI-EL: Became the soul of all things.

PADOMAY: Accomplished the same thing – creating a soul for itself.
This soul is Sithis. Sithis is the representation of all Anui-El’s limitations.



Are the two souls that came into existence from the two primordial forces.
These two souls are not yet Gods that people are familiar with. They are but abstract representations of both everything (Anui-El) and nothing (Sithis).

The rest of the universe was created from the interplay of these two forces. The resulting universe at the time was both unstable and turbulent.

Just like their predecessors, Anui-El and Sithis proceeded to birth their own souls.
ANUI-EL: Birthed the soul Auri-El.

AURI-EL: Is this soul that created the concept of time in order to stabilize the Aurbis. Auri-El is also known as Akatosh – The Chief of the Divines.
Auri-El is but the Elven name for the same God with the same name.

When Auri-El created time, other beings were able to come into existence. These beings were the Aedra and Daedra.


AEDRA & DAEDRA Collectively, these beings became known as The Et’Ada. Et’Ada means The Original Spirits.

It is now when the Aetherius and Oblivion are created. These are the only two planes in existence at this time.


SITHIS At this point Sithis births his own soul – Lorkhan.


LORKHAN Is responsible for causing a lot of trouble and a lot of events in the Elder Scrolls Universe. Also known as Shor or Shezarr – as is known by the races of man.

Lorkhan approached a bunch of Et’Ada and had the idea of creating a plane for themselves. This plane was Mundus. Mundus is a mortal plane to populate with their creations.

Padomay and Anu could create things without consequence due to being infinite cosmic forces. The Et’Ada – like Lorkhan and Auri-El – cannot. In order to create, they had to give up pieces of their power.

Lorkhan knew about this but neglected to reveal this fact.
Despite his secrecy, a few of the Gods realized this before any power was lost to them.

Magnus and the Magna Ge fled to Aetherius and created the Sun and the Stars. The other Gods, however, were incredibly angry when they lost a lot of their power.

This led to the creation of the Adamantine Tower in which to convene and decide upon a punishment to the tricky Lorkhan. The punishment they wanted to inflict was to remove Lorkhan’s heart and destroy it but doing so would cause the ultimate destruction of Nirn.

So instead of destroying Lorkhan’s heart, Auri-El took it and shot it with his bow and into the sea.
Red Mountain grew out of the heart thus creating Vvardenfell.


The Et’Ada now didn’t have enough power to make it back to Aetherius. They were able to leave Nirn and did so which resulted in becoming the Eight Divine.

  1. Akatosh 2. Arkay 3. Dibella 4. Julianos 5. Kynareth 6. Mara 7. Stendarr 8. Zenither

They now live out in “Space” essentially as planets would. The Eight Divine have limited power to influence the events on Nirn (Earth or the Mortal Plane). The Eight Divine are also known as The Aedra.

The Daedra, on the other hand, are the Et’Ada who did not want to assist in the creation of Mundus in the slightest. This is the reason that they have so much more power. They did not have to give up any of their power to begin with.

The other Et’Ada that wanted to keep creating or did not have the power to leave Nirn simply stayed there. These beings are known as Ehlnofey. When the Ehlnofey ran out of power, they resorted to procreation. They eventually resulted in groups of Man or Mer.


SITHIS (Continued)


Sithis is the start of the house. Before him was nothing, but the foolish Altmer have names for and revere this nothing. That is because they are lazy slaves. Indeed, from the Sermons, ‘stasis asks merely for itself, which is nothing.


Sithis sundered the nothing and mutated the parts, fashioning from them a myriad of possibilities. These ideas ebbed and flowed and faded away and this is how it should have been.

One idea, however, became jealous and did not want to die; like the statsis, he wanted to last. This was the demon Anui-El, who made friends, and they called themselves the Aedra. They enslaved everything that Sithis had made and created realms of everlasting imperfection. Thus are the Aedra the false gods, that is, illusion.

So Sithis begat Lorkhan and sent him to destroy the universe. Lorkhan! Unstable mutant!

Lorkhan had found the Aedric weakness. While each rebel was, by their nature, immeasurable, they were, through jealousy and vanity, also separate from each other. They were also unwilling to go back to the nothing of before. SO while they ruled their false dominions, Lorkhan filled the void with a myriad of new ideas. These ideas were legion. Soon it seemed that Lorkhan had a dominion of his own, with slaves and everlasting imperfections, and he seemed, for all the world, like an Aedra. Thus did he present himself as each to the demon Anui-El and the Eight Givers: as a friend.

Go into the Sharmat Dagoth Ur as a friend.



(From the book SITHIS)

Sithis created Lorkhan to eventually destroy the universe. To rid it of stability and return it to The Void and Sithis himself. Is basically anti-existence. Pro Nothing.

SITHIS Seen by most of his followers as a Skeletal Being. Is also seen as the embodiment of death – a Dread Father. In actuality, Sithis is shapeless, genderless, and formless. Sithis is true nothingness – The Void. Sithis transcends death because death follows life.



Mainly worships their histories. The Hist acknowledge Sithis as their original Creator.

The Argonians have a unique relationship with the Dark Brotherhood. Argonians born under the Sign of the Shadow are given to the Dark Brotherhood at birth.
This is done with the intention of making them into specially trained assassins. These assassins are known as Shadowscales.

The Hist

The Hist were many, and they were one. Their roots buried deep beneath the black soul and soft white stone of Black Marsh, connecting them all, and thus connecting all Saxhleel (People of the Root), all Argonians. The Hist gave his people life, form, purpose. It was the Hist who had seen through the shadows to the oblivion Crisis, who called all the people back to the marsh, defeated the forces of Mehrunes Dagon, drove the Empire into the sea, and laid waste to their ancient enemies in Morrowind.

– Excerpt from “The Infernal City”

The Hist tree in Lilmoth is enormous. The only one I have ever seen taller was in Valenwood, but the hist was more massive, more spread out. And I could feel a palpable presence in it. I had never quite credited the Argonian claims that the trees are intelligent, but when I stood in its presence, I could no longer doubt it. Further, I though I felt a certain malevolence in it, but that might well have been my imagination, for the whole situation was anything but friendly. The An-Xileel have been uniformly rude and arrogant, the city itself is a festering, putrid place. From the moment I entered Lilmoth, I have wanted nothing more than to leave it. The minister, on the other hand, seems quite excited, almost jubilant.

The An-Xileel sang to the tree, an awful cacophonous chant that went on so long that I might have drifted off a bit. At some point, Hierem added his voice to theirs, but in a sort of counterpoint. He lit a brazier, and I’m sure he did some sort of sorcery. In his younger years he was in the leadership of the Mages’ Guild, before that organization utterly collapsed, and so I know him capable of these things, but I was still somehow surprised. It was my impression that he was calling something, for he repeated the word “Umbriel” many times. It seemed like a name, although the language he spoke was not one I knew, and so I may have been mistaken, for nothing came, although everyone seemed pleased anyway.

– Lord of Souls

Argonian Shadowscales
Ocheeva and Teinaava are two Shadow Scale Assassins that the player may have met in Oblivion and served in the Dark Brotherhood.
Veezara is a Shadowscale that was met in the Elder Scrolls Universe.



Worships Sithis and the Night Mother.

Allisanne Dupre

Was the last Listener to the Night Mother during the Great War in Cyrodiil. She attempted to reboot the Shadowscale program but wasn’t successful due to a lack of resources.

Their View of Sithis

The Dark Brotherhood’s belief and mythology of Sithis is largely inaccurate in regards to the actual being considered. They believe that Sithis had given birth to the Dark Brotherhood.

The Creation of The Night Mother

Sithis visited a Dunmer Woman whom he impregnated. This woman gave birth to five children. The Dunmer woman then claimed to hear the voice of Sithis in her head telling her to kill her five children and send them to their father within The Void. She completed this act and afterward a mob of angry citizens killed her and proceeded to burn down her house.

According to The Dark Brotherhood, it was this act that created The Night Mother. Thirty years following these events, a man began to hear a voice in his head. He decided to follow the voice to The Night Mother’s Tomb. It was this man who became the first Listener of The Dark Brotherhood.

It is The Dark Brotherhood’s belief that The Night Mother is married to The Dread Father. Continuing with this basis, it is believed that the members of The Dark Brotherhood are the metaphorical children of The Night Mother and Sithis.

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