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I’ve had this plot in my head for a while like a lot of people here, I think we have the same Idea of ES 6 plot. I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Thalmor conspiracy. For those who haven’t, I’ll give short and watered down version. Basically, the Thalmor want to unmake mundus by destroying the eight towers that hold all of mundus together so they can live among the gods as gods themselves. It’s not confirmed, it’s just theory as of now. The only tower we know to be active is the Admantine tower in IIiac bay between Hammerfell and Highrock. In the next game destroying the tower could be the Thalmor’s main focus.


Now, it may seem like I’m going off on a tangent, but you will see why I’m mentioning this. It would make sense if the next main character was a Shezzarine. For those of you who don’t know, a Shezzarine is a reincarnation of Shezarr and the champion of men. They’re basically the devil to the mer, especially the Altmer. You may be wondering why, well that’s because the Altmer believe that they were once gods but Shezarr tricked their ancestors into becoming mortal by requesting that they help him create Mundus. A Shezzarine’s main task is to save humanity from certain doom. They only show up when the races of men need them most. Considering the Thalmor want to unmake the damn world, it seems rather fitting for a Shezzarine to show up and bash some elven skulls in. Imagine If they want to "Unmake the world" that means all gods will be in danger, Aedric and Daedric, and the Daedric will take a big part in this event against the Thalmors. The possibility of this being the case is pretty much zero but who cares.

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