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Endgame question – exWow Player who started ESO recently

TheElderScrolls8 - Endgame question - exWow Player who started ESO recently

Hi All,

I am a new player, that swapped from top competetive WOW environment to ESO. Got to exhausted by constant circle with improving logs and pushing very high keys in WOW and ESO became my medicine!

I started playing with casual mindset – do all story lines, do not rush to the end game, enjoy great mechanics (some of these are lacking in WOW!!) and awesome zones and plots. Finally got my lv 50 and getting to my CP 160 ( Did my homework with guides on youtube and mechanics explanation from various sites). Unfortunately i found out there are leaderbords and eso logs. Yesterday i realized I spent nearly 3 hours analyzing which classes did top logs on trials, what rotation they are using and which sets and as well what are top used classes for veteran dungs. That is exactly the thing I wanted to avoid at the beginning to not get in the same "trap' like in wow.

Now I am trying to continue playing without spoiling fun for myself with such things. Currently I am playing Templar healer with 2nd bar having some offensive skills to do solo stuff oitside of dungs. I am thinking of making a second char to play as dps and I would like to play DK which would be geared differently than templar so no magica stuff, most likely some medium / heavy armor and 2h. Would it matter in casual / semi hardcore guilds that I am playing something non-meta or is community chill about such stuff as long as there is good performace with the char I am playing ?


I see that such build would be stamina one but I see that stamina builds seems to not be used in vets ( at least on logs). Do you thing that such build would be viable in dungeons / vets and some basic trials? I want to avoid situation that when I will get to the endgame i would not be invited to the group as there are better meta builds (bad experience from wow community ;p).

As well I have 80% of zones where I havent been to yet, is it okay to do remaining storylines there on a alt ? would it have a impact on the main character if my goal is to finish all storylines there.

As well what is players attitute towards dungeons? Are there usually pledge+ daily + run something on vet for a gear? Or are people gatering a solid group of 4 people to spam dungeons for fun? Most of the time in wow I was spending on spamming m+ which offered challenge to complete the key in time to get higher one and it was "endless fun". Trying to see what is the fun and repeatable content in ESO which could be similar.

Maybe some stupid questions, but I am trying to have fun with the content that ESO offers and at the same time to prepare myself for the moment I get to the endgame.

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