The Elder Scrolls

Enemy scaling problem and bad performance.

TheElderScrolls7 - Enemy scaling problem and bad performance.

After a lot of years with no playing, I installed TESIV Oblivion on Windows 10. Nothing bad, the game works fine the entire tutorial and several hours without any issue. But after several hours, problems started and they are making me regret of replaying this game.

  1. Enemy scaling sucks. Always has been like that. But it is getting annoying the more levels I get. I choose play stealth like always. On the first levels, there are not problems. I can use sneak attacks with both blade and bow and deal lethal damage or very high damage. Everything went to shit suddenly as soon I reached level 4-5. My sneak attacks deal like 4% of enemy HP, even on the low armored enemies. My normal attack doesn't deal anything, and because I can land only the first one on stealth mode, the fights becomes horrible. I barely deal any damage no matter what weapon use, and enemies deal massive damage and almost any hit staggers me. I didn't touch the Difficulty setting. It is in the middle, as standard. I am annoyed because every single encounter is a nightmare where I lost MP, items and my gear broke very quick. This auto-level is stupid, as I cannot play anymore stealth. But If I change the difficulty, everything becomes stupidly easy. I search for mods, but only find one: But this one change way too much things and is not what I am looking for. Is there any mod that fix this horrible scaling?
  2. This is more technical, and I guess is due to W10 incompatibility or something. When I starts the game I didn't have any issue, but when I start advancing on the game and getting more things, the game starting have stuttering problems. Everytime a NPC talks, randomly when walk or in middle of the fight. I didn't find any fix for this. This things didn't happened me before when I was on W7. Any recommendation to deal with this? (I use a laptop with i7, 8gb RAM and GT520MX 1GB it is old, but enough for this game). Aside this, the game is fluid, but the stuttering is annoying.
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