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ESO Content concept – “The Year of Madness”

TheElderScrolls12 - ESO Content concept - "The Year of Madness"

I know "ugh another Daedra prince themed chapter?"

But Uncle Sheo is having so much fun in Cyrodil with Malacath's hammer!
Much like his "play" in the mages guild questline, he wants to create a grand adventure for the vestige and friends to participate in.

"Old Moley had to go and bite the Daedric dust, but this big war happening around him is giving me a right chuckle!"
"The show must go on!.. encore… encore….. ugh fine! i guess i'll be the big bad boss for a bit"

So instead of a full "new" zone, Cyrodil is revamped.
Since ZOS have a thing for banking on nostalgia (rumour is they are bringing back Skingrad) they could actually just bring back Bravil and Leyawiin instead though.

I think Cryo should be left as PvP. Creating an alternate PvE version of it could work but it could also bugger things up more, I'm not gonna pretend to know the best solution there.
Obviously if they don't create a separate area/pve mode for this, they would have to increase the amount of pvp servers a lot.
Maybe also give PvE players / story tourists something to help them not get ganked?
For example a buff that reduces damage taken from and done against players significantly, but prevents fort caps etc so it cant be abused. (even then i can see it being very easily abused by tanks and such so idek)

Skill line – Mad god's Gifts

Purple butterfly themed effects
Ability ideas:

Damage shield that reflects damage/stuns the attacker when depleted

Heals an enemy then deals damage double that of the heal

AOE heals friendlies in a area for damage dealt to them
(heal absorb?)

Magic bolt that deals random type & amount of damage
(range of damage is from under average to above average, not extreme)
Morph could convert to stamina, maybe crits do less damage? (synergy with malacaths ring, might be op)


Summon a golden saint to dance and buff nearby allies
Maybe minor courage?

Ult – Wabbajack
base: Large Aoe stun (mass hysteria but bigger)
possibly polymorphs those affected into random things e.g skeletons/pigs/cheese etc
Wabbajack of Mages Bane – Drains Magicka of those affected
Wabbajack of weakness- increases damage done to those affected for a time

Something I've thought about, and discussed on another post somewhere, is premium class skins.
Inspired by the Warden's white bear.
Coldharbour Dragon Knights (blue flames)
Deadlands Sorcerers (red/daedric lightning and properly coloured summons)

I think this would fit right in with Uncle Sheo's penchant for mixing things up.

If implementing a skill line for Sheogorath would be too difficult to balance, it could always be done as a premium skin for something else instead, e.g a necro that summons Grummites and throws butterflies instead of skeletons and skulls.

I do understand there could be an issue with telegraphs/audio/visual queues etc for pvp? but i feel like it wouldn't be as bad as it seems, especially if the only thing changing is colours.

I also understand that, as Guildies have told me, Cyrodil PvP is having all kinds of problems atm, so take this as a good extra motivation for ZOS to fix those issues.

(also, considering dungeons lfg is always broken, but undaunted celebration still happens. game mode bugs haven't stopped zos there :P)

What do people think?
PvP doesn't seem to get much love compared to PvE and I for one welcome our new insane overlord!

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