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ESO Needs Magicka Melee weapons!

TheElderScrolls15 - ESO Needs Magicka Melee weapons!

One of the best things about the main Elder Scrolls games is the freedom to pick up and use any weapon-Magic combo you like, but in ESO, it's mostly a binary choice between Magicka and Stamina. This has been a nagging issue of the game since its release, but I just realised why fixing it would be so damn essential.

There's a massive disconnect right now between most classes and their weapons. Giving them weapon abilities is all well and good, but in practice, a lot of stamina classes blend together and make you feel more like you're playing a Bow-class or 2H-class than whatever you actually are.

Staves are fine because their abilities just blend in with other magic abilities, but other than that, there are very few Class abilities that react to your weapons and no weapon abilities that react to your class.

Besides the obvious issue of this system being rigid, I think it's going to become a big issue moving forward as Zos tries to create new classes. Alot of people want to see a proper Knight/Crusader class in the old Oblivion style; another popular idea is the final cut-class from the beta: the Battlemage.

So how would you go about making a holy crusader-type class or a Battlemage-type class without having them heavily interact with melee weapons?

How do we fix this?

I believe there are 3 ways Zos could address this issue:

  1. Weapon/Armor enchantments. Right now, enchantments are passive buffs to X or Y that only affect background stats. It'd be amazing if we were able to enchant our weapons to scale with Magicka or Stamina as well as applying passive buffs, thus allowing you to regain Magicka with light/heavy attacks from a melee weapon. Similar idea with armor: allow us to enchant Medium/Heavy armor so it gives us decent magic regen, making it more viable for Magicka characters (obviously this would require some rebalancing so that every sorcerer doesn't just start wearing heavy armor).
  2. Skills/animation changes depending on your weapon. rather than you spawning floating rocks around you and pushing them toward the enemy or a whip/bow/spear materialising out of thin air, what if skills/ their morphs reacted to your current weapon? not only changing the visuals but the properties of the Skill too? so instead of floating rocks, you could leap into the air and strike the earth with your 2H, launching a chunk of rock at your enemies, or instead of a Lava Whip, your sword burns red hot and smacks your enemy?
  3. Create more grounded Class Skills that play into the weapon you're using. Alot of people (myself included) dislike the Templar abilities and ones like them because they're just amorphous beams and tubes of light, which are pretty boring to look at and to use. Were we to have a Battlemage, Crusader, etc in the future I believe it'd be paramount to have abilities that are more grounded visually and actually rely on/work with the weapons you have (changing with the weapon you're using as I said with point 2). So, imagine a toppling charge-type ability where you actually stab the enemy to the ground with your sword/shoot them in the head and knock them over with your bow? or a Battlemage charge ability where you summon multiple Dremora to actually ram into your enemy?

That's just my personal perspective though, What do you think should be done to expand/improve the Magicka/Stamina binary and the combat in general? how do you think they should go about designing classes moving forward? and what class would you like to see in the future?

let me know 🙂

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