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ESO Vampire changes that need to happen

TheElderScrolls7 - ESO Vampire changes that need to happen

So it's been a while for people to delve into the new reworked Vampire. I think it is safe to say most people think Vampire straight sucks now (no pun intended). Most people either go Werewolf since the negatives are almost nothing, or don't go either and focus on their class. I get it Vampire is seen as a curse, but so is Werewolf so that's no excuse to make it so shit.

I know most people would reduce the debuffs on Vampire and call it a day, but I actually think the insane debuffs such as the -100% health recovery at stage 4 is a good way to levy out the power one can get from being Vampire. The problem is currently the power you get is peanuts to having reduced health recovery and your class powers costing more, not to mention the increased flame damage. I think we all see what ZOS was going for. If you become a vampire, you SHOULD be using some of the skills if not the majority. That's just how it should be. However some of the skills are lackluster and don't compare to what they should be. Especially Blood Scion.

These changes are to make a Vampire want to not just be stage 1 to gain access to all the active abilities or stay stage 3 for the Undeath passive. You should feel the draw to feed to make yourself stronger, even knowing the debuffs you will get are quite extreme. This will be offset by powers worthy of a stage 4 Vampire Blood Scion.

With the preface out of the way, it's time to dive into the stat buffs to one active power, a quality of life change and a familiar mechanic for Blood Scion to make being a vampire worth it.

  1. Blood Scion can now feed on recently slain enemies to increase duration just like Werewolf to sustain the transformation. The stats from Werewolf devour will all be used to balance the new mechanic for Blood Scion. The animation would be the vampire lord putting its hand over a corpse and blood being funneled into it for the duration. Only Vampires stage 3 and up can use Feed on corpses while a Blood Scion. Feeding while in Blood Scion does not increase Vampire stage.
  • Allows you to feed on corpses to increase the duration of your Blood Scion Transformation and restore your Health.
  • Every second you spend Feeding on a corpse adds 3 seconds to the duration of your Blood Scion Transformation and restores 8% of your Max Health. Each corpse can be Feed on for up to 4 seconds.
  • Blood Scion duration increased from 20s>30s to match Werewolf
  • Only Vampires stage 3 and up can use Feed on corpses while a Blood Scion.

Notes: With the ability for Blood Scion to sustain, it will be much more in line with how Werewolf can be used rather than simply ending after 20s. Now you feel that Blood Scion can be used much more reliably. It still won't be able to sustain nearly as much as a Werewolf as they get many passives and abilities that help with sustain, but it's far better than only getting 20s. These changes were needed as prior, Blood Scion was just a worse Bone Goliath transformation from Necromancer. Bone Goliath will still have the statistical advantages such as if Ravenous Goliath deals around 2k damage in an area and healing for that amount, Blood Scion will only deal around 1k damage. You can force exit the transformation like Werewolf, ending the duration early by using the ultimate button.

  1. Vampiric Drain now also increases in damage as you progress in Vampire stages. Vampiric Drain now also snares the target for -30% movement speed. Stuns the target for 3 seconds after the channel is complete.
  • Stage 1>No increase
  • Stage 2>15% increase
  • Stage 3>30% increase
  • Stage 4>50% increase.

Notes: Vampiric Drain didn't really deal enough damage to use it, and the heal is ok but it's based on missing health and not max health. Of course changing or buffing the heal would probably make it stupid strong. Increasing the damage for PvE, while adding a snare while channeling and a stun after the channel makes it somewhat viable to use in PvP, as it can be interrupted. It's best to use as a ranged tool or else you will get punished as it should be.

  1. Stealth Feeding now restores 100% max health.

Notes: Makes sense, especially when a stage 4 Vampire has no passive health recovery. Mainly a quality of life thing.

Overall I think these changes are what Vampires need to be balanced. As currently there are far too many negatives about it to consider it viable, especially for PvP. There are actually runes that players can enchant their weapons with such as the Truly Superb Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught which deals an extra 1.5k damage when used against undead. Which of course does work against Vampires in PvP.

Werewolves will still be the Kings at maintaining their forms and having no negatives while they are in human form. While Vampires will always have their debuffs active but being able to have passives in human form. Currently you can pretty much ignore Werewolf and wouldn't really know you are still a Werewolf unless you see the skill line if you took off the transformation.

Vampires are the exact opposite, Vampirism is a part of you always. It doesn't just go away with a transformation. You are always the monster, learn to embrace it.

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